Free resources for high-achieving leaders

Levelling up your personal impact

18 questions for your first 100 days in a new leadership role

Powerful questions every new leader needs to answer. A one-page roadmap for this critical 100 day period.

5 powerful questions to raise the game on your professional ambitions

These questions will open yourself up to more impactful professional next steps that you can imagine.

The 'Cut The Crap' System

A simple 12-minute process to move you from overwhelm to over-performance.

The 5 Influence Killers

Discover and avoid the subtle traps that keep you stuck in operations and out of the C-Suite.

Mastering the CEO learning Curve

A practical guide to establishing yourself as a successful chief executive...

Freeing yourself for strategic activity

How the world's top leaders achieve exponentially more than the rest of us... without any more hours in the day!

Take the Executive Productivity Assessment

Discover how strategically you're currently using your time. Answer just 10 questions to give you a fast pulse on where on the journey to "executive time management mastery" you are.

Leading strategically

The CXO’s Checklist for
Challenging Times

A one-page guide to leading in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business situations.

How can I lead strategically when there's already too much to do?

Get out of the operational detail and take action on your most strategic opportunity, in under 15 minutes.

Building high value-creating teams

Team Kryptonite Assessment

Take just 60 seconds to identify the #1 factor holding your specific team back.

Creating a People Plan

Simple, powerful tools to set your team up for their best year ever.

Taking your team from good to great

How top executives build world-class leadership teams (even when they have pressing business goals to focus on)...

Leading virtual/remote teams

Remote Teams/Challenging Times

Create sustainable habits for you and your remote team to operate effectively despite uncertainty.

Virtual Leadership Retreat Checklist

Make a success of your virtual leadership retreat and create a powerful experience for the entire team.