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Xquadrant helps leaders in complex, fast-moving businesses close the gap between strategy and execution, so they can capture the market opportunity before it’s too late.

We’re driven by the belief that while many businesses try to 'matter by winning', the best businesses 'win by mattering’. When employees have a meaningful purpose, clarity around goals and structure, and leaders who release them into their best work, then magic happens. But these kind of environments (and these kind of leaders) don’t happen by accident.

We use a mix of consulting, coaching, training and implementation methodologies but we are always focused on achieving a specific transformation (in an individual, a team or an organisation).  If you just want a report, we recommend you look elsewhere.

Please get in touch or request a free consultation to discuss your specific needs, but here are our flagship programmes.

1:1 Leadership Coaching
Next Level Leader

Dramatically accelerate your impact and mobilise your people to achieve an inspiring “impossible" goal.

We work 1:1 with a select number of elite, mission-driven leaders on both insight and behaviour change to create a new level of results. Learn More >>>

Team Performance Acceleration
Next Level Team

Turn your leadership team from a group of high-performers into a high-performing team, so you achieve your #1 strategic objective in 12 months and lead your organisation into its next era.  

Our Next Level Team programme creates a real shift in cohesion and performance. Learn More >>>

Leadership Culture Transformation
Next Level Enterprise

Create a consistent and high-performance leadership culture across multiple organisational levels.

We work on the root causes to create a culture shift that will truly make a difference: firstly, by helping managers become leaders truly worth following, and then by helping them multiply that skill set organically across the enterprise. Learn More >>>