What's so important that you have to 100X it?

Get out the weeds, stop the grind, and build the world-changing business you were born to create

Exponential coaching for visionary leaders

At Xquadrant we specialise in one thing: helping extraordinary leaders get out the weeds, and build the world-changing business they were born to create, with 5-10X the valuation within 3 years.

Whether you’re scaling a hundred-million-euro enterprise or just starting to impact your industry, our programmes are designed to escalate your success at every level of your journey.

Where you are

  • Amazing track record – but still playing too small
  • Slow progress – because you’re still in the weeds
  • Huge ambition – but nobody is thinking as big as you
  • Secretly frustrated and somewhat isolated

What you want

  • True world-changing, industry-defining impact
  • A team who runs the business and lets you do what you do best
  • An inner circle who gets you on a deep level
  • More fun, serenity and joy in the journey

To get you there, we’ll help you systematically implement the four Impact Multipliers across all aspects of your business: yourself, your leadership team, and the wider organisation.

Our Integrated Offering

Each level builds on the previous ones. Start where you feel comfortable, and as your needs evolve, seamlessly transition to higher levels of intensity and personalisation.

Xquadrant Entrepreneur and CEO Coaching Offerings

Impact Multiplier Labs: Focused Workshops

Actionable insights and strategies tailored to making immediate improvements in your business. Engage with our vibrant community, learn and implement powerful frameworks to multiply your impact, and get immediate coaching and feedback.

For ambitious leaders seeking transformational growth.


The 10X Strategy Simplifier

Learn and implement the one-page tool that locks your attention on your breakthrough (‘10X’) goals, identifies your core strategic moves, and keeps you on the fastest path forward. An online masterclass (Tuesday 25th June) for exponentially-minded leaders. Learn more.

Impact Multipliers: Core Coaching & Community

An incubator for exponential strategic thinking and leadership magnetism that will catapult your business results. You’ll get the tools and support to clarify your exponential vision, operate more strategically, and get your team performing like never before

For CEOs and founders committed to scaling their business and their leadership effectiveness.

Rivendell: Premier Coaching Mastermind

A transformative mastermind with deep coaching from Richard alongside inspiring peers who are leaders in their respective fields. You’ll be supported at a deep level and stretched to your next level of greatness.

For elite leaders of $20-200M+ businesses, seeking to leave a lasting legacy and lead with groundbreaking impact.

Valinor: Elite Private Coaching

Direct and private support from Richard, tailored specifically to your unique challenges and goals. Personalised one-on-one coaching with optional strategic team sessions.

Choose the Ilmarin strand for the ultimate transformation, with monthly in-person all-day sessions with Richard to rapidly progress on your most pivotal issues and opportunities.

For visionary leaders building $100M-$1B+ businesses.


Each level builds on the previous ones. Start where you feel comfortable, and as your needs evolve, seamlessly transition to higher levels of intensity and personalisation.

Impact Multipliers



Valinor - Ilmarin

Impact Multiplier Labs

Weekly Group Coaching

Monthly Mastermind




1:1s with Richard



Team coaching


Breakthrough days (per year)






12 months

1 quarter

1 year


per week

per month

per quarter

per year

Annual Pay In Full Bonus

Save 3K€
(Pay 10K€)

Save 5K€
(Pay 25K€)

Bonus 13th month

Save 20K€
(pay 300K€)

Core component

Complimentary access

Optional extra



‘Virtually unlimited' 1:1s with priority access


We have built a unique and comprehensive environment to accelerate your progress. Less can be more, and you won’t need to avail yourself of every component all the time! But the support is there when you need it.

Click for a fuller description of each component.

Impact Multiplier Labs

Premium Workshop Series. Dive into our curated collection of transformative workshops designed specifically for high-impact leaders. Unlimited access to both live sessions and our comprehensive archive of recordings.

These labs cover a wide range of crucial topics, from strategic foresight to leadership innovation, providing you with the tools to multiply your impact.

Previous Labs include:

  • Your Dream Executive Team: Your executive team is good - but how can it be exceptional? Learn the exact roadmap that we use to achieve team breakthroughs.
  • Building Your 10X Business Vision: Craft a compelling 10X vision for your business that lights you and your team up (and doesn’t feel like wishful thinking)
  • The Team Performance Upgrade: Dial up the strategic focus and operational excellence in your leadership team meetings (without getting bogged down in admin).
  • The 10X Strategy Simplifier: Implement the one-page tool that locks your attention on your 10X goals, identifies your core strategic moves, and keeps you on the fastest path forward.

Next Lab:

The 10X Strategy Simplifier

Learn and implement the one-page tool that locks your attention on your breakthrough (‘10X’) goals, identifies your core strategic moves, and keeps you on the fastest path forward. An online masterclass (Tuesday 25th June) for exponentially-minded leaders. Learn more.

Weekly Group Coaching

Consistent, Collaborative Growth. Participate in weekly group coaching sessions where you and a cohort of like-minded leaders tackle pressing challenges and growth opportunities. These sessions are designed to offer regular, structured support, fostering an environment of continuous personal and professional development.

Monthly Mastermind

Strategic Collaboration Among Peers. Join an exclusive group of visionary leaders in our monthly mastermind sessions. These meetings are a chance to delve deeper into strategic discussions, share insights, and leverage collective intelligence to overcome complex business challenges and accelerate growth.


Immersive, Transformational Experiences. Step away from the day-to-day grind and immerse yourself in transformative two-day retreats set in inspiring locations (we’ve recently been to Chantilly and Reykjavik).

These retreats combine intensive learning with relaxation, allowing you to reflect deeply on your leadership journey, forge lasting connections with peers, and return reinvigorated with fresh perspectives and strategies.

1:1s with Richard

Personalised Strategic Guidance. Engage in one-on-one sessions with Richard Medcalf, your guide and mentor who brings decades of strategic and leadership advisory experience. These sessions are tailored to focus intensely on your unique challenges and goals, providing personalised guidance to navigate your leadership pathway effectively.

Team Coaching

Elevate Performance. Transform your team into a high-performing strategic unit with specialised team coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance alignment, improve communication, and foster a culture of accountability and innovation, ensuring your team is primed to execute on strategic objectives.

Breakthrough days

Breakthrough progress in pivotal areas. Imagine the progress that you can make in a full-day with Richard, laser-focused on your highest leverage point.

We have a whole menu of options – for you, your team and your organisation – ranging from 1:1 vision retreats to team days or strategy sessions. Intense sessions that enable significant breakthroughs and dramatically accelerate your results.

The What-Next

Let go of the past and overcome the barriers keeping you playing small. Dream bigger than ever, create a huge and inspiring vision of your future, and strategise to build a roadmap that will start to take you there.

The Great Escape

Finally get out of low-level tasks and operational fire-fighting. Bring your calendar and task list and roll up your sleeves as we implement the exact action plan you need to focus your attention more strategically.

The Hot Seat

One day of hot seat coaching. Have a top-of-mind topic? Great. Not sure what you want to work on? Even better. You'll see the world – and yourself – very differently, and new possibilities will open up.

The Rain Maker

Take massive action on your most important goal and take a shortcut to the results you want. Be challenged to move out of your comfort zone as you make your most audacious asks and boldest moves yet.

The Magnetiser

Release your inner Freddie Mercury and learn to communicate with more passion, conviction and impact, so that you land your message and win hearts and minds faster than ever before.

The Dream Team

Collectively create a vision for how your team would operate if it was truly the 'dream team' – and then actually implement that over the next six months.

The Mission Control

Define the strategic principles and agree the priority projects that will truly move the needle on your most important objectives.

The Interlock

Reset the expectations on your team, up-level your own leadership approach, and implement the processes to keep ownership, responsibility and accountability where it belongs.

The 2-degree shift

Shift the culture of your company by a small but significant amount. We’ll inspire them, push their thinking, and create a common language to embed the new ideas into the culture.

The Custom Job

Don’t see what you need here? We’ll build the perfect agenda based on your unique circumstances and goals.

25 Cubed

Clarify your 25-year vision and get 25% of the way there in 2025. In November 2024, join our Rivendell community of wildly successful visionary CEOs for 48 hours that will permanently change your future. Limited spaces – prices increase at the end of June. Learn more.

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About Richard

Richard Medcalf

Richard Medcalf describes himself as "what you get if you were to put a McKinsey consultant, a slightly unorthodox pastor and Freddie Mercury into a blender!"

He’s on a mission to help top business leaders become forces for good at scale, and is a trusted advisor to some of the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs on the planet. His clients include CEOs of billion-dollar firms, an Entrepreneur of the Year, an Olympic medallist, and founders of tech 'unicorns'.

He’s the host of The Impact Multiplier CEO Podcast and author of Making Time For Strategy, and has an insatiable love for spicy food and the electric guitar.

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