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xquadrant provides professional services to leaders in the tech sector and leader in sectors undergoing rapid change or digital transformation.

We use a mix of consulting, coaching, training and implementation methodologies but we are always focused on achieving a specific transformation (in an individual, a team or an organisation).  If you just want a report, we recommend you look elsewhere.

Please get in touch or request a free consultation to discuss your specific needs, but here are several programmes we repeatedly run.

1:1 Leadership Coaching
Next Level Leader

Create fresh clarity on your preferred future in all circles of influence, understand your hidden tendencies that limit your influence, and implement a plan to take you to the next level of impact

You’re an organisational leader in a tech/digital firm - or navigating digital transformation in a more traditional firm.  You’re in the biggest gig of your career - and the business is at a pivotal make-or-break moment.

Now’s the time to play at a higher level, to influence your peers more authentically, manage your team more inspirationally and deliver results more consistently.

Unlike generic coaches, we know the tech and digital space intimately (so we understand the context and challenges you face) AND we use a designed-for-digtal leadership toolset (so your personal transformation is guaranteed) AND we are strategists (so we can bring specific ideas, questions and challenges to your business decisions).

Team Performance Programme
Next Level Team

Transform your leadership team from a team of high-performers into a high-performing team with the trust, collaboration and influence needed to lead your organisation into its next era

You’re at a pivotal point in your business, but you're unsure your organisation can move fast enough to capture it.

You know what got you here won’t get you there, but you’re encountering organisational issues that are slowing down your growth or internal cultural transformation.

No organisation can be healthier than it’s #1 team:  any lack of clarity, trust, unity or engagement at this level will propagate through the entire organisation.

We’ll turn your leadership team into an effective and cohesive unit, help each member identify and attain their next level of leadership, and equip the team with a world-class leadership toolset that will enable each leader to take their own sub-organisation to the next level.

Customer Value Implementation
C-Level Engagement System

Consistently open doors in the C-Suite and become a top business priority for your customers so that you can deliver the full transformation your technology promises

You have a technology solution for the B2B market that can truly change the way your customers do business, but you know you’re not getting the C-Suite attention and the big transformative deals that your solution truly deserves.

Sales conversations seem stuck too far down the customer organisation, deal sizes are far smaller than they could be, and because executive governance is lacking you’re not seeing the full level of adoption and impact you know your customers can achieve.

We have helped companies as sophisticated as Mastercard and Cisco - as well as numerous smaller firms - elevate their relevance in the C-Suite, with outstanding results.

We'll develop a customer value proposition that will open doors to the C-Suite - including a quantified assessment of the financial benefits of even the most cutting-edge solution.  We’ll develop the C-Suite go-to-market movement and help you operationalise this through a phased implementation plan.

As a result, your organisation will start punching well above its weight and create a real track record of transformative projects and raving fans in the boardroom!