Introducing Impact Accelerator: A programme for ambitious executives to be more strategic, catapult your influence at senior levels, and get the best from your team - without adding to the overload!

It's time to play a bigger game

Let me tell you a true story about Marcus:

Marcus is a senior operations manager in a large tech firm in London. He's risen quickly and now has a management role, a couple of levels down from the top executives. 

When I met Marcus, he was working incredibly hard, but wasn’t getting the recognition. He likes his team, but they weren't creating the impact that’s really needed. What’s more, his team was held back by problems elsewhere in the business, areas that Marcus didn't have influence or control over.

So he was talented, overworked and yet had a real sense of frustration and stagnation. He knew he could be playing at a higher level, but things were moving too slowly.

We started working together. Fast forward six months. Marcus had made some impressive moves to modernise his organisation, was seen as a genuine advisor to the senior leaders. Indeed, he was publicly acknowledged by both the CEO and the company chairman as a strategic leader and top-performer.

As you rise through an organisation, the skills that made you successful actually hold you back from the next level. To keep progressing and growing your impact, you need to “reinvent yourself” and up-skill your strategic thinking, your leadership, your influence.

Like Marcus, you might have tried various strategies that tire you out but frankly don’t create the step-change you need:

  • Put your head down and deliver - but you don’t necessarily get the credit, nor are you acting as the strategic leader you need to be if you want to progress
  • Delegate & drive the team - but complexity just seems to multiply and results are too slow
  • Get in front of senior execs - but they don’t seem to be treating you as a peer and you’re not having the influence you want
  • Read books on leadership, productivity or strategy - that have plenty of good ideas but are hard to actually embed into your daily work schedule

To resume, whilst you enjoy your role and are good at it, you don’t want to stay at this level forever, continuously fighting fires, juggling too many priorities, and feeling the frustration as your team makes progress too slowly. 

You do want to see your team working more effectively, have the clarity to focus on the most strategic initiatives, and have the confidence and presence you need to create the impact you want with your most senior stakeholders.

Ultimately, you want to multiply your impact across the business and be the leader you know you can be.

Introducing Impact Accelerator

Impact Accelerator is a group coaching programme for ambitious executives to be more strategic, catapult your influence at senior levels, and get the best from your team - without adding to the overload!

As you know, I’m a leadership strategist and executive coach to successful CEOs, other C-Suite leaders and their teams. Clients pay between 20,000€-100,000€ to work with me 1:1. I’ve been considering how I can make the benefits of this high-impact work available to a wider audience at a more affordable price point.

So I’m putting together a small group of ambitious managers/directors (probably within 1-2 levels of the executive team in their organisation) who want to take their own impact to a new level.

If you’re overloaded with operational tasks, and know you need to act more strategically

If you’re frustrated with the results you or your team is generating…

If you don't have the influence you want with your most important stakeholders…

...then this programme could be for you.

It is a private, group experience of my coaching. It will be like having your own personal and confidential strategic advisory board as you step up to a new level.

Here’s why it works: you don’t need more information or tips; you need to become the kind of person who has the mindset and skillset to create a new level of results.

It’s a transformational journey in which coaching, community, insight formation and habit creation all play a key role.

How it works

The programme will last for 5 months: short enough to remain focused and long enough to give real space for practice, insight and transformation.

  • You'll start with an Impact Assessment and build a Personal Blueprint.  This will give you a personalised roadmap for your next level of impact & influence that will provide clarity and focus, reduce the overwhelm and allow you to get exactly what you need out of the programme..  You'll work on this in a dedicated 1:1 coaching session with Richard Medcalf.
  • You'll then engage in seven group coaching sessions, every 4 weeks or so. When you’re not on the ‘hot seat’ yourself, you’ll still be learning by observing and applying the insights to your own situation. These sessions have the extra benefit of creating a group culture that encourages everyone to stretch themselves and ‘up-level’.
  • Before each session there'll be a structured reflection exercise to generate insights and prompt new ideas, so you get the highest return from the time you invest in each session.
  • After each session, we’ll set a practical action challenge for everyone in the group to turn thinking into doing and consolidate your insights and learning.
  • We'll stay connected and accountable through our private curated online group. You'll have access to the Xquadrant Hub portal, allowing you to capture session notes, log actions, record metrics and track your progress. This creates an immersive experience that supports real change far more than conversations alone can provide.
  • If you take the PLUS programme, we'll interview your key stakeholders - to understand what your next level looks like from their perspective - and you'll have the chance for extensive in-depth personalised support and follow-through via three 1:1 coaching sessions, to be used any time in the six months following the programme start date. 

Session themes

Whilst this is a coaching programme and not a training programme, in each session we'll stretch your thinking and provide practical tools to help you get to the next level.

Session by session, we'll explore the mindset, skillset and strategy issues that offer the keys to your next level of impact, influence and results:

Personal strategic focus:
Accelerate your leadership transformation

We'll start by identifying and working on the core behaviour shift that will make the biggest difference for you - and we'll apply the latest thinking on habit formation and behaviour change to set you up for success and help you create sustained behaviour change.

Executive presence:
Nail the moments of truth

We'll then consider the 'moments of truth' - the pivotal leadership moments where you have an opportunity to show up in a different way and create new results.  We'll explore 'executive presence', and break that down into the specific behaviour that will make the biggest impact in these critical moments.

Reinvent your success formula

"What got you here won't get you there."  But reinventing the very formula that has created your success to date feels risky and we often don't make the leap.  In this session we'll look at the habits you fall back on, how they are holding you back and keeping you at a certain level of success, and how you can move past them to a more impactful future.

Executive Focus:
Get out of the weeds

When we're stuck in operational details we end up losing the big picture and only make incremental progress. We'll help you refocus your attention to the higher-value activities, and make some tactical changes to make space for the projects that will move the needle.

Master the critical conversations

Whatever your goal, you'll need to win over important stakeholders to make it a reality.  We'll dive into the keys of influence, and help you get clear on how you can tackle the critical conversations that will determine your success.

Break through to a new level

What's really holding you back?  It's almost always some kind of fear.  We'll go deep to understand and diffuse that - and start to replace it with a different mindset.

Reflection & Celebration:
Consolidate your transformation

You'll have made some important leaps forward in our time together, and there'll also still be areas to continue working on.  We'll celebrate the progress made, reflect on what you've learned along the journey, and prepare for the next season.

Client Appreciation

Alison Bartalino CPA

Personalised coaching plan

I was hoping that coaching would help my development as a growing manager - in learning to manage larger teams, improve my management skills. My biggest hesitation was that this would be generic material or the same tips/tricks you see in all articles. The positive reality was that Richard from Xquadrant provided a very personalised coaching plan, kept us accountable and had regular check ins to ensure we were achieving our goals!

The benefits of the work with Xquadrant are that I have successfully delegated a lot of my work to provide myself the time desired to do higher level strategic work. I have a clearer vision of what I need to do to stay on track to continue making positive progress.

Gaut R. Group Financial Accountant

Life changing!

I found the programme to be a huge eye-opener and somewhat “life changing”. My expectation of myself changed significantly (for the better) as the course progressed. It has been hugely beneficial for me and personally, I feel I have developed as a manager, both from a delegation perspective and a team assessment perspective. Some of the tools Richard provided were brilliant.

David Bentley Manager

More time for high-value activities

I was hoping to improve my acumen and leadership skills. I was concerned that professional coaching was airy-fairy, but Xquadrant's coaching was anything but. Since working with Xquadrant, I have been able to prioritise my activities, creating more time for high value activities, learnt what is and is not important to me, to better delegate, and to think in a new way.

I would definitely recommend this type of work, and I have recommended it to my manager who is now working with Richard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the programme dates?

The group calls will be held on the following dates:

  • Thursday 22nd September 2022
  • Thursday 13th October
  • Thursday 3rd November
  • Tuesday 22th November
  • Thursday 15th December
  • Tuesday 10th January 2023

Calls will last 90-120 minutes and all calls will be recorded in case you miss any.

There will be two cohorts to cover global time zones:

  • One cohort will meet 9-11am CET (5-6.30pm Eastern Australia time)
  • The other cohort will meet 4-6pm CET (10-11.30am Eastern USA Time)

What are the bonus calls?

To honour those who sign up early, we're running some bonus calls in July and August.  If you've signed up before these dates, you're eligible to attend.  Benefit from the increased attention and focus of a very small group, to go deeper and further accelerate your progress.

Does my physical location matter?

This is a global group as it brings diversity of perspective and unlocks new networks and opportunities.

The programme is delivered virtually and calls are suitable for European time zones, and we run different cohorts that are also suitable for American and Asian timezones. 

Options & investment


Powerful group coaching to help you achieve your next level of impact and influence.

  • 5 months of leadership development
  • Cohort of high-achieving leaders 
  • Personal Impact Assessment
  • 1:1 Impact Blueprint Session
  • 7 group coaching sessions ( Zoom)
  • Private community & peer group
  • Accountability via Xquadrant Hub

5990 €

Prices exclude VAT, where applicable.  However, if you intend to pay for this personally we may be able to absorb the VAT on your behalf - ask us.

Application process

This is not for everyone. There’s a time commitment. There’s a financial commitment. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be stretched.  But if you’re serious about releasing the “next-level you”, leading at a higher level, and equipping yourself with new tools, new habits and a new mindset then you’re in the right place.

Admission to the programme is application-only. If you are interested, please book a 45-minute discovery session so we can ensure the programme is a good fit for you, and answer any questions you may have