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Breakthroughs happen with a fresh pair of eyes.  Let’s identify where the biggest opportunity is to take your team and your results to the next level. Apply now for a complimentary 45-minute Growth Breakthrough Consultation.

What we do (and why we do it)

xquadrant helps leaders in tech-driven businesses close the gap between strategy and execution, so they can capture the market opportunity before it’s too late.

We’re driven by the belief that while many businesses try to 'matter by winning', the best businesses 'win by mattering’.  When employees have a meaningful purpose, clarity around goals and structure, and leaders who release them into their best work, then magic happens.  But these kind of environments - and these kind of leaders - don’t happen by accident.

When things are changing fast, it’s your people’s ability to step up to the new challenges and opportunities of the business that determines your success. We help leaders implement a lightweight process to systematically create a world-class performance environment across the organisation, from leadership team to front line. 

We deliver these results through a mix of consulting, training and coaching - and our unique visual methodology that focuses on simplicity, adoption and genuine personal transformation.

Our other speciality is helping B2B tech companies who have a game-changing value proposition elevate their relevance in the C-Suite of their customers, and thereby create the biggest possible transformation.

Our Secret Sauce

We blend world-class expertise in digital business models, strategy, leadership and cultural-change to create a tasty, spicy mixture!

  • We know your sector. We're tech & digital sector specialists so our discussions can cover strategy, business models and leadership issues together. Big problems happen when you work on these in silos!
  • We understand how tech changes how we work and lead. We've been on the cutting edge of this for years, so we can help you avoid the pitfalls of legacy approaches to organisational development
  • We've a proven 'designed for digital’ methodology. We prioritise transformation over information, adoption over complexity... to actually create lasting change in individuals, teams and organisations

Our story

xquadrant founder, Richard Medcalf, writes:

Sunday afternoon, Charles De Gaulle airport. I was about to board my flight to Silicon Valley for a business meeting when I bumped into Ed, the SVP of the business unit I’d just joined. Overcoming my British sense of reserve, I introduced myself… only to be met with a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude.

I was astounded. Why would a senior leader not take two minutes whilst waiting to board a plane to connect with a newcomer to his organisation? How impolite. And what poor business sense. What a jerk!

But then, looking out of my window over the clouds an hour later, it hit me: I was that jerk too!

You see, Ed and I had more in common that I wanted to admit. Both high-achievers, ambitious, strategic. Yet still focused perhaps too much on personal achievement than motivating and empowering the people around them to achieve dramatically greater results.

I realised I needed to make a shift; to multiply my impact by investing effectively in others. But how can I actually get my team to a new level, systematically and repeatably, I wondered? I studied leadership, devoured books, went on the training courses… but frankly most of it just seemed like common sense that was easy to say but hard to do on a consistent basis!

The answer came from an unlikely source. I met some individuals whose maturity as people and as leaders intrigued me; and I found that they had been mentored by an incredible church leader who had created one of the largest volunteer organisations in Europe in a short space of time. An impressive feat, especially since volunteers require the purest form of leadership: they serve because they want to, not because they have to.

I spent years learning from this group; being mentored by some of the key leaders young and old, and learning the principles they’d applied to build the large number of leaders needed to create and sustain such growth.

Instinctively I started applying these ideas in my own team at work, and was excited at the progress I saw. Half my team were promoted within 24 months and they rated my leadership at 96% in an anonymous survey! But more importantly, I found these ideas changed me and the way I interacted with people for the better. I’m still on that particular journey of course!

Fast forward a few years. Having working in tech all my career, I decided to dedicated myself to leaders working in the tech sector or navigating digital transformation, and to help them create their next level of results, impact and personal legacy. That’s the ‘xquadrant’ - incredible business impact and incredible personal impact.

To your prosperity,



In a short time, Richard clarified my personal leadership tendencies and showed how they impacted my organisation. I would recommend that anyone in a position of leadership goes through this process, especially when the organisation is managing high levels of change - because this is where team results, rather than individual achievements, are crucial.

Michael F (CTO)

The Team

Richard Medcalf

Richard Medcalf describes himself as "what you get if you were to put a McKinsey consultant, a slightly unorthodox pastor and an entrepreneur into a blender".

He has advised executives on strategy, leadership and business development for over 20 years, with clients ranging from high growth start-ups (such Snips and TinyClues) to global corporations (for example, Vodafone, Mastercard, Comcast, Sanofi, Orange, Air Liquide, Sky, Bosch,...)

He started his career in a premier strategy consultancy where he rose to become the youngest-ever Partner. He then spent 10 years at tech giant Cisco, firstly elevating Cisco’s relevance in the C-suite of its Fortune 100 customers before being selected for an elite team set up by Cisco’s President and CEO, John Chambers and Chuck Robbins, to catalyse strategic partnerships & new business models.

Keen to marry the disciplines of strategy and leadership in service of his clients, he qualified as a senior leadership consultant with GiANT Worldwide before founding xquadrant in 2017.

Richard has a first-class Masters degree from Oxford University, is a licensed lay minister in the Anglican Church, and has an insatiable love for spicy food and the electric guitar.  He is bi-national English/French, lives near Paris, and is happily married and the proud father of two.

Associate Consultants

xquadrant works with a number of associates in order to deliver our work flexibly and bring the best skill set to each client engagement.

If you are an experienced leader with a strong background in the tech sector or in digital transformation, we would love to discuss opportunities to bring you into our world.  Please get in touch.

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You’re in growth mode and need to capture the market fast.  But what got you here won’t get you there: every level of the organisation needs to step up their game​  

You need a simple and scalable approach to get every team to a new level, fast.


Your business has changed, but your people...not so much.  Resistance, low engagement & ‘legacy mindsets’ are holding your business back.  It seems almost impossible to change.

You need a pragmatic way to create genuine cultural change before it’s too late.


Your business has a transformative solution, but sales conversations are stuck too far down your customers' organisations. Deals are too small and not transformational enough.

You need to become visible and relevant in your customers' C-Suite