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About xquadrant

xquadrant was founded on the conviction that companies need to operate very differently to thrive in the digital age.

  • Digital disruption means markets are undergoing rapid and dramatic changes - so only highly engaged, aligned and empowered organisations will thrive.
  • Digitalisation of business processes means than firms' internal workings are subject to upheaval. This makes the employee environment less stable than ever, and increases the risk of internal organisational drama.
  • Increasingly tech-savvy generations of employees are entering the workforce, with very different expectations about working style.

Because 'culture eats strategy for lunch', and because leaders define culture, the need for great leaders who can create healthy, responsive and high-performing organisations has never been greater.

But there is a problem...

The "dirty little secret" is most leadership development never sticks or truly impacts the organisation.

Most leaders have experienced programmes that overpromise and underdeliver, we get cynical that our people issues can truly be solved.

Overwhelmed by the pressing demands of customers and products, we muddle along with our company culture and our ’people problems’ and try to work around them.

The results? Greatly sub-optimal performance and growth. For example,

  • Capacity constraints: key leaders maxed out, leadership bench a little bare, skills shortages in the organisation
  • Misalignment: inconsistent priorities, silos, resistance to the strategic agenda
  • Disengagement: apathy, entitlement, manipulation, conflict

After 20 years in management consulting (Partner) and catalysing new business models in the technology sector (Fortune 100 company), Richard Medcalf founded xquadrant to bring together:

  • a deep understanding of the technology and business trends shaping firms of all sizes, including new business models and digitalisation (developed over 10 years of strategic engagements in tech)
  • a powerful approach to grow influential leaders and high-performing teams -- and propagate that culture virally across the entire organisation so that it sticks (road tested in his own executive roles as well as through customer engagements worldwide) 

We blend consulting, training and coaching as needed:

  • Helping individual leaders or entire teams get to the next level of performance and influence.
  • Creating a healthy and high-performance culture that scales across the entire business
  • Helping senior management navigate digital disruption - from value proposition development and go-to-market support, to ensuring that digital transformation programmes stick

About Richard Medcalf

Hello!  I’m the CEO of xquadrant and a senior associate with leadership consulting firm GiANT Worldwide. I’m a leadership & strategy consultant who is absolutely passionate about helping my clients get to the next level in their leadership and in their business.  I regularly serve customers in France, the UK and the rest of Europe, and also in the USA. 

In pictures...

I was a Partner at a premier strategy consulting firm, advising tech sector leaders, leading a global practice and running multiple project teams

I then become leader of a strategic business development unit at Cisco, advising the C-suites of Fortune 100 companies on the business value of technology

My last role at Cisco was a part of an elite team set up by Cisco’s CEO, responsible for building strategic partnerships & new business initiatives

I've been personally transformed by the GiANT Worldwide leadership process, which is why xquadrant partners and represents GiANT to our customers

I have a first-class Masters Degree from Oxford University where I obtained the 3rd highest mark in my cohort.

I am also a licensed lay minister in the Anglican church. I believe we have to be changed ourselves before we can change the world.

I'm an Englishman living in France. I came here in 1999 for one year, and somehow managed to end up staying! I have a wonderful wife and two great kids.

Play me guitar-based rock music, show me science-fiction films, or feed me spicy food if you want me happy.

Why do I do it?

Very simply, I’ve come to realise that what I want most is to help leaders achieve their full potential, achieve amazing things and make their world a better place. That’s how I can best serve others and make my own positive dent in this world.

So, yes: I'm on a mission to help you click the “maximise” button on your results and impact. I'm here to serve.