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We turn high achievers into leaders of the very highest level who can grow the bottom line, build thriving organisations, and leave a huge positive impact in the world.

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What do you care about so much that you need to 10x it?

You've a track record that others would die for. You’re an ambitious and quick-thinking problem-solver. You love the challenge of fast-moving and complex situations. Most people are incredibly impressed at your achievements. But you know you’re still playing too small a game. There’s a new level of impact and significance within reach.

If you're a high performer, chances are you want to create an order-of-magnitude increase in some areas of your life or business.  And you know that what got you here won't get you there.

Here’s what we often find holds top-performers back from exponentially greater impact:

Firstly, you’re too busy with operational concerns. You’re spending too much time on “$100/hour” activities and not on “$10,000/hour” activities. There’s so much on your mind that you’re not taking time to think and act strategically and are overlooking the key move that'll take you to another level. The one conversation or one project that will change everything.

Secondly, there’s a bottleneck in your business. You think it’s the lack of ‘good people’ - but actually, it’s that your leaders have ‘traded on competency’ and haven’t learned to create teams that are truly committed to your vision and capable of adapting to constant change and uncertainty.

Thirdly, perhaps you need to revisit your own sense of clarity and courage. The thing is, you can stay in your comfort zone and it still looks incredibly impressive to outsiders. And the stakes are high. But if you get clear about an “impossible" vision that will define your life’s work, your world will change for ever. So - what's so important that you simply have to 100X it?

Multiplying your impact isn't for everyone

It’s hard, it’s challenging.  You’ll need to work on your strategic thinking, your leadership and influence, your clarity of purpose.

You can find specialists in each of these areas. But almost no-one masters the intersections of strategy, leadership and purpose - and how they work in our hyper-connected, tech-driven environment. That’s where you’ll find the breakthroughs. And that's our gift and our focus.

Most people believe that high-achievers are flying at such an impressive level that they must be incredibly fulfilled and happy.  But the truth is that when you have so much capacity and ability, the options can be overwhelming, and there’s very often a real fear of not living up to your potential, of not making the impact on the world that you know you’re capable of.


You want to increase your bottom line and have a team who will follow you anywhere? We should talk.

You want to 10x your business results - and 100x your impact and legacy in the world? Let's talk.

About Xquadrant

We believe in multiplying the impact of successful leaders, because they have the potential to create so much positive impact in the world. They are the people who will launch and create new and important things and create environments in which people can thrive.

We are experts in helping elite CEOs and their teams multiply their impact and take their influence to a new level.

Using our proprietary Impact Multiplier Method, you’ll extract yourself from low-level tasks, think and act more strategically, create a more cohesive leadership team - and mobilise your entire organisation around your most important goal.

We work primarily with CEOs, Founders, or other C-level executives in technology-driven sectors where change is fast and furious and there's a mountain of complexity to navigate. We have clients on 5 continents and they include some of the most successful and impressive leaders on the planet.

Clients include:

  • The CEO of a $3 billion worldwide IT services corporation
  • The UK chief executive and chairman of a global pharmaceuticals firm
  • The founder and chairman of a global fibre-optic telecoms company, nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young for "growth & profitability that most can only dream of"
  • The CEO of a scale-up tech 'unicorn' that recently raised record-levels of financing for their innovative B2B platform
  • The COO of a leading Artificial Intelligence firm
  • The CTO of a leading autonomous vehicle brand
  • The CHRO of a 3500-employee global systems integrator
  • The CFO of a B2B tech services company
Michael Fester Founder/CTO

Impact on the organisation

In a short time, Richard clarified my personal leadership tendencies and showed how they impacted my organisation. I would recommend that anyone in a position of leadership goes through this process, especially when the organisation is managing high levels of change - because this is where team results, rather than individual achievements, are crucial.

Richard Bourne ExCom, Ecovadis

Confident & focused

My work with Richard and Xquadrant has allowed me to get things from the idea stage over the completion line. I've become more conscious of what's holding me back and have become better at prioritising action. I'm less distracted and less stressed. Above all, I think it's my extra confidence that's felt by my team. We now speak the same language: we have the same priorities, the same focus on where we're heading, and how we get there.

Richard Medcalf

Richard Medcalf describes himself as "what you get if you were to put a McKinsey consultant, a slightly unorthodox pastor and an entrepreneur into a blender".

Richard is a leadership consultant and trusted advisor to exceptional CEOs & Founders of complex technology-driven businesses, and to their leadership teams. 

His clients are elite performers who've already achieved incredible things, and still have the ambition to 10x their impact and influence and achieve something that seems impossible right now. That can involve 1:1 coaching, taking the leadership team to its next level, or scaling high-performance culture throughout the business.

After a Masters Degree at Oxford University, where he came top in his year, Richard started his career in a premier strategy consultancy where he rose to become the youngest-ever Partner. He then spent 11 years at tech giant Cisco, firstly elevating Cisco’s relevance in the C-suite of its Fortune 100 customers before being selected for an elite team set up by Cisco’s President and CEO, John Chambers and Chuck Robbins, to catalyse strategic partnerships & new business models.

Richard has advised Founders and C-level execs for 20 years,  from Fortune 100 companies (Comcast, Mastercard, Sanofi, Sky, Orange, Bosch…) to high-growth tech firms (in AI, networking, robotics, fintech, …). He has overseen >$2B of deals.

Keen to marry the disciplines of strategy and leadership in service of his clients, he qualified as an executive coach with a global leadership brand before founding Xquadrant in 2017.

Richard is bi-national English/French, lives near Paris, and is happily married and the proud father of two. He's also a licensed lay minister in the Anglican Church, and has an insatiable love for spicy food and the electric guitar.

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