Do you want to be a world-leading force for good?

You’re a successful entrepreneur or CEO, but you’re not done.

You’re hungry to scale your impact and to make a positive dent in the world – without the grind, anxiety and frustration.

And you’re ready to make some big changes – to yourself and to your business – in order to make that happen.

You’re in luck. Your impact is our obsession

My name is Richard Medcalf and this is Xquadrant. We help elite leaders create exponentially greater impact, whilst enjoying the journey. We have clients on 5 continents and they include some of the most successful and impressive executives on the planet.

Several years ago, I was a successful executive at a Fortune 100 business, with an impressive track record. And yet I had a deep sense that I could achieve so much more. Secretly, I was desperate for more significant impact. What would happen if I reached way beyond what I’d achieved to date?  What would happen if I risked my current success in order to pursue a deeper purpose?

I got clear on my mission. I committed to the messy journey of exponential impact. I put millions of euros on the line. I learned to inspire and influence the world’s top leaders. I reinvented myself. I remembered to have fun along the way. And I’ve never looked back.

Are you ready to do the same?

Upcoming live experiences

CEO Masterclass

Being a force for good: exponential strategies for mission-driven CEOs

Event date: 19th September 2023

Impact Accelerator

A unique development programme for ambitious executives who want to lead at a new level.

Applications now open for February entry.


Our transformational programme for elite CEOs who want exponential positive impact and ‘100X legacy’.

Applications now open for October entry.

Are you ready to expand into the 'X' quadrant?

When you're a world-class leader with a track record of success, your future is shaped by two crucial realities.

Speed: Are you chasing safe, incremental progress or are you elevating your strategic focus to create exponential results?

Groundedness: Are you still operating from inner need (seeking status, security, admiration, disconnected from your deepest desires), or are you connected to your purpose, your peace and your inner strength?

Without exponential strategic thinking, you'll get stuck in incrementalism. And without a deep groundedness, you’ll not make the bold moves needed to reinvent yourself for even greater contribution and impact.

Combine both and you’ll become a force for good at scale. Welcome to the “X” quadrant!

Work 1:1 with Richard

I work 1:1 with a select group of the most extraordinary, successful leaders on the planet, and their teams. You need to be:

  • An entrepreneur or CEO with an incredible track record, committed to being a force for good in the world
  • Ready to create a whole new level of impact – whilst enjoying the journey like never before

Multiply your personal impact

You’re already highly successful. Everyone around you is impressed. But inside you know there’s a whole new level of external impact available to you. And you want to be done with anxiety and frustration, and lead from inner peace, joy and creativity instead.

Life-changing input for world-class CEOs & entrepreneurs.

Build a world-class leadership team

Your team is a huge multiplier on the impact you make, because no organisation can rise above the level of its number one team.

Perhaps it’s time to take your leadership team from a “group of high-performers” to a cohesive and committed team leading at a whole new level.

Tools & Resources

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Client appreciation

David Engel

CEO, Drake & Farrell

I've a much clearer picture on my strategy, my goals, and my own inner game. I'd recommend Xquadrant to senior execs who want to make 10X impact.

Armand Arton

Founder & CEO

Thanks to the methodology and Richard's creativity, I've gone deep on myself and my business, and our team has really come together. Recommended for any CEO who wants to become a better leader.

Curt Hopkins


My time with Richard was immensely insightful, helping me deal with high stress situations and observe patterns of my behaviour that need work.

Mikael Sandberg

Founder & Chairman

Richard is a true trusted advisor who quickly adds value at a personal and team level. It's another league compared with programmes I've experienced before.

Robert Bailkoski

Group CEO, Logicalis

I don't think I'd get anything like the same level of pushback or challenge elsewhere. I'd recommend Richard to anyone who wants to focus on the bigger issues.

Pierre-François Thaler

Co-CEO, Ecovadis

Very strong business acumen - we quickly zoom in on the key issues. And there's a real focus on creating real, lasting change.

Kelly Manthey


It's been a really fulfilling experience. The intermingling of strategic thinking, professional development and personal growth is extremely powerful.

Scott Puopolo

CEO, Telestream

It's been incredibly valuable. There's an intimacy and self-reflection that I haven't got from any other programme I've been in.

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