Happy Christmas!

Thoughts about preparing for an extraordinary New Year in 2022...

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Hi, it's Richard. As we enter this Christmas period, here are some thoughts for you.

First of all, let me just say thank you for being part of my network and community. I’m so happy that I get to serve inspiring leaders and teams who are up to really interesting things, so thanks for enriching me this year

Secondly, here are two quick thoughts on Christmas. Christmas is a time of light shining in the darkness. So let’s unpack that. First, darkness. Darkness is a place of fear. How might fear be driving your behaviours? Fear of missing out, fear of not delivering, fear of being seen in a bad light. Second, light. Light speaks to clarity, to hope, and to focus. What's the vision that excites you, compels you and draws you into 2022? Take some time this season to dream about what an extraordinary year will look like.

Looking ahead to the New Year, in January I'm going to open up 10 extra slots in my diary for one to one coaching conversations with people in my network who would like to sharpen up their vision, or work on their strategy or their leadership for the year ahead. There’s no sales pitch. It’s my gift to you. So if you want to create something exciting in the new year, and you would like to experience a powerful coaching conversation around that, let me know using the button below, and we can figure something out.

Well, that's it from me. Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year.


My best gift to you

What kind of 2022 do you want to have? Regular or extraordinary? Incremental or exponential?

I know that however impressive your track record, there's always another level available. And the best gift I can offer you this Christmas is to help you get there.

So I'm opening up some complimentary coaching sessions in January for 10 people in my network, like you. Over a sixty-minute video call we will draw out your vision, strategise together or solve one of your most pressing challenges - whatever you need. There's no charge and no sales pressure - it's my gift to you.