September 27


The #1 thing holding YOUR team back

What's holding your specific team back?  What's stopping you get the business results you want?

It's a crucial question.

Until you can pinpoint the key limiting factor, it's incredibly difficult to make major progress in your team's productivity or effectiveness.  To use an analogy, there's no point tuning up the engine if the car has a flat tyre and there's no point improving the aerodynamics if there's no fuel in the tank.

Which is why we developed the Team Kryptonite assessment.

It's a simple multiple-choice questionnaire that takes under 60 seconds and will give you a quick read on the highest impact area for your team to work on.


I just took the assessment to find our team Kryptonite. It’s excellent. The report is clear and quick to read and is spot on. It will really help us.

- Group Legal Director

Think of it as the 'baby brother' of our enterprise-grade Team 360 assessment which provides a detailed analysis of a team's strengths and development areas.

It's free and just takes 1 minute. Why not give it a go now?

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