Free Webinar


Presented by Richard Medcalf, Founder of xquadrant and Senior Consultant with GiANT Worldwide

Monday 23rd April

8am (PDT) | 11am (EDT) | 4pm (UK) | 5pm (CET)

Monday 7th May

7am (PDT) | 10am (EDT) | 3pm (UK) | 4pm (CET)

  • Understand why the old rules of people management no longer work in the digital age
  • Identify your limiting behaviours that are holding you back from greater influence and impact 
  • Implement three keys to take your influence to a new level in 2018
  • Create a practical plan to grow your influence

The Internet revolution has changed the way we deliver results, influence others, and deliver impact. It has profoundly changed our business environment and our strategies ... but also the work styles, the expectations and the approach of each one of us.

The rules for successfully mobilising others in this new world have changed. But most leaders and managers do not know how to change their behaviour to take advantage of this evolution.

This creates a huge advantage for those who learn and implement new ways to influence and mobilize teams!

To continue our webinar series, we will focus on this fundamental change in how personal influence is created and wielded.  You will learn how to take advantage of this transition to increase your influence and accelerate your results.

In just 75 minutes you will be equipped with practical tools to grow your personal leadership, and understand how you can practically implement the keys to leadership in the digital age.