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Envision a new culture that will help move your business forward

You know when you realise your business needs to transform and get a lot more innovative and bold if it’s going to stay relevant, but you keep hitting up against complacency, alignment issues and resistance?

And all the while younger, more nimble players are redefining the market. If you don't help your people to change - and fast - then either you or the company will fall into irrelevance!

For example,

  • leadership are focused on the legacy business that made them successful and underinvesting in areas that will bring future growth
  • there’s a comfortable culture that borders on the complacent  and yet the time has come for bold action and fast implementation
  • there are tensions between management and younger staff about leadership style, remote working and general expectations - creating frustrations and undermining trust and engagement

If you don’t change something you risk overseeing stagnation or gradual decline, rather than making the impact you know is possible.

Relax.  You’ve come to the right place.

Take 45 minutes to create your breakthrough strategy

At xquadrant we specialise in helping execs create new mindsets and practices in their organisations so they can thrive in the digital age instead of sliding into decline.

xquadrant Founder Richard Medcalf would love to invite you to a complimentary and confidential 45-minute Culture Breakthrough Consultation.  We'll bring a fresh external perspective, best practices from clients around the world and a commitment to push your thinking . You'll bring an openness to speak the truth, think differently and take new steps to get new results.

In just 45 minutes we'll get you to a new level of clarity around the most important organisational ‘leverage point' to accelerate your business's people transformation.

  • Clarify the specific shifts you need to see in your organisational culture to move the business forward
  • Determine the root causes preventing your people from adopting the new ways of working
  • Walk away with a clear plan and immediate steps to make a permanent shift in mindsets, behaviours and performance

There's absolutely no obligation to purchase anything and no strings attached.  But if you'd like us to help you implement anything we discuss then of course we'd be happy to serve.

Scheduling your conversation takes just 60 seconds

Simply pick a convenient date and time below, then answer a couple of simple questions to give us some context.  If you cannot see a convenient slot below, please contact us directly.

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