June 6

Surprising places to find resources

If you don’t have enough resources to accomplish your 10X goals, here are three surprising places where you’ll find them:

1 – In your future

Your “future self” has the resources you need. Your future business has plenty of resources. Are you committed enough to bet on that?

A while back, I invested six figures in my own training and coaching in under 12 months, which was a huge bet on my future self. But making investments for the future is the essence of strategy!

2 – In your courage

Perhaps you DO have the resources you need, right now. You’re just afraid of applying them to this project.

One person I know has just remortgaged his home to finance his 10X project. The resources were there, but it took courage to liberate them.

3 – In your resourceFULNESS

Instead of waiting for resources, be resourceful .Resourcefulness comes from both inspiration and crisis. Inspiration pulls us; crisis pushes us.

At our CEO retreat last month I challenged them to create $1M of value for each other in 1 hour. The goal and the time pressure galvanised them, and they delivered.

Where did you find the resources to accomplish your breakthrough goals?

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