October 13

Get a Sneak Preview! new book coming January 2023

Two very quick ‘Xquadrant Insider’ exclusives for you today!

Firstly, the cover design for my new bookMaking Time For Strategy, has been finalised. Click here to see the LinkedIn post where I made the big reveal. (By the way, it’d be great if you’d leave a comment on the post to give the LinkedIn algorithm a nudge in the right direction!)

Sneak Preview!

Secondly, you can get a sneak preview of what the book’s all about, and read the first two chapters from the book here.

(By the way, the first set of feedback has been coming in from early readers, and I’m thrilled that the book is resonating. For example, Kelly Manthey, CEO of Kin + Carta plc, had this to say:)

Kelly Manthey

Kelly Manthey

CEO of Kin + Carta PLC

"Richard coaches and develops leaders from the inside out. His super power is helping you see what you can't then helping you 10x your strengths while being aware of what's holding you back. Through his own vulnerability, authenticity, and humour he sheds a pragmatic light on how to take back control of our most precious resource....time."

PLUS, whenever you're ready, here are 4 ways we can help you multiply your impact on your people, your purpose and your profits:

  • Work with me 1:1 and your whole future will shift. I work with just a handful of 1:1 clients at any one time, so you need to be committed creating a new level of impact. It's a five-figure investment and you'll need to ready to be challenged and stretched in all kinds of ways. The results will be remarkable.  Let's start with a 15 minute chat.
  • Create a cohesive and high-performing leadership team. Our team coaching approach focuses in on the critical few shifts that will make the biggest difference to your team's performance.  We start with a quick discovery process and take it from there.
  • Surround yourself with elite CEOs. Rivendell, our CEO mastermind group, is an extraordinary group of leaders who will help you raise you own leadership game. Our first cohort was sold out. Our next intake is in about a quarter, so now is a perfect time to apply.
  • Shift your organisation's thinking.  Invite me to speak at your leadership team meeting, annual kick-off, or conference. We'll make it engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking...and yet grounded and practical.

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