A data-driven approach to bringing the best from your team


For Team Leaders

What is holding your team back from delivering at the level you would truly hope for?

As the team leader, you likely have your own views of this. However, as a smart leader you realise two things:

  1. There is likely to be a gap between your own perceptions as team leader, and the reality experienced by your team. You understand that your blind spots are blind spots — and would like objective data to inform your decision-making and leadership.
  2. You need consensus around the way forward, because they are unlikely to make fundamental changes in behaviour just because you tell them. Part of the process of change is building a shared awareness of the situation. It’s important to create a shared reference point to get everyone on board.

The Xquadrant Team 360 Assessment allows you to:

  • systematically and objectively measure team health
  • identify the principal barriers to greater success, and
  • set the best priorities to develop the team and drive performance

Specifically, you'll discover the

  • black spots' limiting team performance
  • 'blind spots’ where the leader’s view diverges from that of the team
  • hot spots’ where views within the team vary widely.

Unlike other assessments, it’s simple, relevant and highly actionable. It provides:

  • an objective and benchmarked overall health score, allowing progress to be measured over time and creating a sense of momentum and ‘winning’
  • separate scores for the six fundamental characteristics of high-performing teams: communication, relationships, alignment & ownership, accountability, execution, and capacity
  • detailed insight into each of these six areas, understanding the specific points where team performance is strong and where there are weaknesses
  • insight into where the viewpoints of the leader and the team diverge, revealing blindspots and allowing important conversations to be had. This often results in addressing ‘the elephant in the room’ for the first time

The assessment is online, 100% anonymous and quick to complete.

Once the assessment is complete we will hold a Review Session with you either privately or along with the entire team in order to examine the insights, understand the implications, celebrate your successes and progress to date, and determine specific practical steps to address the key barriers to growth.

With a shared understanding of the journey ahead, you’ll feel the enthusiasm and momentum start to build and a new sense of alignment and possibility emerge in the team.