Turn your leadership team from a group of high-performers into a high-performing team, so you achieve your #1 strategic objective in 12 months and lead your organisation into its next era.

Create a breakthrough year for your leadership team

Every leadership team has issues that keep it from its next level of impact. In our experience, we find many leadership teams struggling with many of the same issues:

  • Lop-sided contributions: 20% of people do 80% of the talking; others barely speak up.  As a result, many of the team are frustrated, are not fully engaged, and aren’t contributing at their highest level.
  • A surprising timidity: Despite having strong leaders in the room, team members fail to bring necessary challenge and critique to each other. Key issues remain unaddressed and a lack of peer-to-peer accountability.
  • Lack of collective ownership: Everyone focuses on their functional silo – leaving the senior leader to be the glue that holds everything together. There’s a lack of collective responsibility for overall results.
  • Mediocre meetings: Topics are discussed and some decisions made, but progress/results are incremental and there isn’t the sense of momentum, focus and making bold moves.

The Next Level Team Programme

Our Next Level Team programme designed to address these kinds of issues, in order to create a breakthrough in how the team works and what it achieves.

Together, we turn your leadership team from a group of high-performers into a high-performing team, so you achieve your #1 strategic objective in 12 months and lead your organisation into its next era.

  • Discover the real roadblocks your leadership team is experiencing – so you can make informed and high-impact leadership decisions, working on the issues that truly matter.
  • Move towards world-class alignment and execution, starting with a step-change in the foundations of relationship and communication. Move from a ‘team of high-performers’ to a ‘high-performing team’ that is both enjoyable and
  • Skyrocket the influence of everyone on the team. We take each person on a journey of self-awareness in order to help them identify and address the specific tendencies that are sabotaging their ability to engage their teams.
  • Seed a high-performance culture. Our tools and techniques are simple and scalable – simplicity drives adoption; adoption creates results! They are easily applied and passed from leader to team despite a crazy schedule! Our goal is to build leaders who can build leaders, and therefore raise the game of the entire organisation.

How it works

Phase 1 - Blueprint

Develop clarity, insight and focus for a breakthrough year. We take the team through a structured process over several weeks to create true alignment around what the team’s future looks like:

  • Breakthrough Ambition – develop an inspiring shared view of the team’s next-level future and breakthrough results
  • Breakthrough Relationships – master the social dynamics of the team and build rules of engagement to get everyone contributing their absolute best
  • Breakthrough Deliverables – agree priority team initiatives that will ‘move the needle’ in the next 90 days and beyond
  • Breakthrough Execution – agree measurable habits and behaviours to achieve the next level

Phase 2 - Implementation

Turn clarity and excitement into habits and results. Over the next few quarters we maintain awareness and focus through a lightweight structure that allows us to:

  • Embed Behaviours + Focus. - maintain focus on execution habits, team agreements and core shared deliverables to hit breakthrough results
  • Embed High-Performance Meetings – embed new meeting format to systematically address the most critical roadblocks
  • Embed Momentum – build momentum by celebrating wins and course correct on a monthly basis by measuring each area: results, projects, habits, behaviour
  • Embed Culture – create an ‘active leadership language’ and begin to multiply across the organisation.

A systematic approach to creating new results

Here’s what makes our approach so powerful.

Insight AND Transformation

You know that "what got you here, won't get you there".  You don't just need a tactic or a tip or a 4-step plan.

You don't need more information, you need insight and transformation:

  • You need fresh perspective and challenge to be lifted out of the day-to-day, reveal your blind spots and be pushed to a higher level
  • You need accountability and support to successfully embed next-level behaviours as a team

Some coaches focus on insight.  We have a powerful team offsite, how we see the world shifts, but we can still fail to take action through habit or the distraction of day-to-day operations.  Some coaches focus on behaviour change, but without insight, we don't see the new possibilities and opportunities.

So, our coaching is focused on both these pillars of insight and transformation.

My role is to bring you the highest level of support and challenge; to see what you cannot see, to mess with your thinking so you can find new possibiities; to say what no one else dares say, to push you forward into your full potential and greatest self. It’s strong stuff, not for everyone but transformative for those who embrace it.

High Touch AND High Tech

Your journey of growth as a team will be supported by our Xquadrant Hub app, which we find is a game-changer for our clients. 

No more “isolated coaching sessions, with dispersed notes and forgotten actions”. Instead, by measuring and monitoring, you'll feel a real sense of progress, continuity, momentum, accountability and support as you move forward on your objectives.

We use the platform to:

  • define and track KPIs
  • capture notes and insights from sessions
  • track actions, schedule reminders and ensure follow-up actually happens
  • provide easy access to all the visual leadership tools you’ve learned

In short, this becomes a complete and cohesive record of your team transformation and results.

A clear strategic thread

Clarity attracts, confusion repels.

At the start of the programme you’ll develop a strategic blueprint for your next level of impact as a team, including your ‘north star’ and the short- and medium- term priorities to get there. This involves ‘to do’ activities but also ‘to be’ goals.

Having all this captured on a single page provides incredible clarity and insight, and creates a strategic thread through the entire process.

Multiplication in Mind

During our engagements, you’ll progressively learn, apply and internalise the Xquadrant Visual Toolbox - and have a whole new vocabulary to use to tackle complex business and management challenges.

These are memorable, sticky ideas, thinking tools or processes to help you adopt a world-class leadership skill set for life - and be able to multiply these insights to those around you.

They are simple and 'designed for digital', cutting through the noise of the digital age.

Topics include performance, productivity, purpose, collaboration, shaping culture, influence, building ownership, changing mindset, etc.

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

No organisation can be healthier than its #1 team. The Next Level Team programme is a proven process that creates a real improvement in a team’s trust, clarity and mutual accountability.

It does this by:

  • Creating an objective understanding of what is holding the team and business back.
  • Unlocking personal and professional growth at the individual level.
  • Surgically addressing the limiting factors at the team level.
  • Creating a common language and common execution disciplines that can be multiplied across the organisation, ultimately allowing the company to engage all its staff to fully address the market opportunity.


We had a very good discussion on how to operate as an ExCom in the future, and agree what is expected from everybody . Our priority goal is now shared by us all.

Veronique C


It was great how quickly we built a concrete action plan. Highly recommended!

Jerome B

SVP, Technology Vendor


We learned some simple but very efficient tools presented. A very productive time that helped a lot to build our team and better interact with each member.

Damien L



Our leadership team had great people but we weren’t working efficiently together. We asked Xquadrant to help us work better as a team, so that we could deliver on our growth plan. They helped us agree on better ways of working, going deep into the personal tendencies of each of the team, and then helped us define and commit to new behaviours.The team is responding to its commitments and our interactions are much more productive: we are all now working on the overall business and not the silos. Personally I was pretty disengaged, but now I feel motivated and excited about the team’s potential.I thought this was another ‘tick the box’ training exercise but I have been pleasantly surprised as it's been actionable and practical. I'd recommend Richard and his team to any leadership team that wants to raise the standard of their collaboration.

Martin D

Country Manager

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