Making Time For Strategy

Get off the hamster wheel.

Make time for what matters.

Your future success as a leader depends on your ability to extract yourself from operational minutiae and make time for strategic activity.

Discover the Making Time For Strategy book

Rethink your own path to
leadership impact

Making Time For Strategy is an entertaining and readable book that will radically change how you think about your own path to leadership impact.

Based on the author’s experience of working with some of the world’s top leaders over the last 25 years, it offers practical tools and strategies to move you away from incremental progress and closer to breakthrough results.

Making Time For Strategy Excerpts

Making Time For Strategy services

You've read the book - now implement the ideas and inspire your whole organisation to change.

Making Time For Strategy Keynote

Inspire people to get out the weeds, and give them practical tools to quickly make a difference.

Bring Richard Medcalf, Founder of Xquadrant and author of Making Time For Strategy, in to speak, virtually or in person, at your conference, team event or company meeting. Your people will leave thinking differently about their use of time, inspired to be more strategic, and equipped to make some practical changes.

"The best hour I spent all year!"

IT experience manager, Origin Energy

Keynote Abstract (click to open)

Research has shown that the number one issue holding leaders back is knowing how to cope with the ‘infinite’ demands on their time and attention. This results in overwhelmed and overloaded leaders and teams: plenty of busywork but not enough progress on the real strategic projects that will truly move the business forward.

In this inspiring session you will understand the real reasons why you're trapped in operations, and walk away with an inspiring new perspective and practical leadership tools to get out of the weeds and focus on what really matters.

  • Learn the two ways leaders manage their time - and why the most popular approach leads to permanent overload
  • Discover the four shifts that will help you operate more strategically
  • Identify three immediate ways to increase momentum on your most strategic projects

Richard delivered simply the best presentation of the event.

Digital Transformation Director, Air Liquide

Making Time For Strategy Course

Free up 5-10 hours per week for strategic thinking and the projects that will lead to breakthrough results.

Reading a book is one thing; implementing the ideas in your own specific situation is another. With The Making TIME For Strategy Course with you'll free up 5-10 hours per week of low-levels tasks to focus on what really matters.

Making Time For Strategy Leadership Team Series

Elevate the focus of your entire leadership team, align around priorities, and lead more strategically.

The Making Time For Strategy Leadership Team Series stimulates the important conversations needed to help your leadership team operate more strategically.

Over the course of four team workshops, you’ll improve how you operate collectively and individually, align better around priorities, help free each other up from lower-level commitments, and become more strategic in shaping the wider business.

About the Workshops (click to open)

The Making Time For Strategy Leadership Team Series comprises of four team workshops, delivered online or in person, generally over a 3-9 month timeframe. If desired, the first workshop can be run as a standalone ‘taster’.

WORKSHOP 1: “The Power Of Strategic Time”

  • Understand the importance of making time for strategy
  • Assess how strategically you are currently operating
  • Internalise what will be different if your team learns to do this
  • Learn the Making Time For Strategy methodology, and get some quick wins

WORKSHOP 2: “What are our most strategic opportunities - and what’s stopping us?”

  • Align around the most strategic issues facing the business
  • Get real about what’s driving your current behaviour, and how you can think differently to create new results

WORKSHOP 3: “How will we actually elevate our focus and make time for strategy?”

  • Make the hard choices around how you use your time
  • Agree what needs to change within the team to make this possible
  • Commit to a practical implementation plan

WORKSHOP 4: “How do we create a culture of strategic focus?”

  • Own the ways you make it hard for your wider organisation to think strategically or work on the breakthrough projects
  • Identify some simple, effective tactics by which this team can create a more aligned and focused culture within the organisation