Introducing Xquadrant Core: A hybrid coaching programme for ambitious executives to help you continually grow your impact, push your thinking and hone your leadership capabilities, in a supportive peer environment.

To reach your next destination, find the vehicle that will take you there.

Everyone who is serious about multiplying their impact rapidly discovers that the #1 thing holding them back from their next level is themselves. The very things that made us successful in the path are the very things that will hold us back from our next level of impact.

So the path to increased success will be found in our personal and professional transformation.

We often try to build our skill set alone. However, it's hard to develop new leadership skills when we're in the whirlwind of operations with little time to step back and think.  So progress is slow and sporadic.

One secret to accelerated success is our environment: the people we surround ourselves with, the ideas we engage with, and the vehicles we put in place to push ourselves forward.

But many leaders haven't built this kind of environment around them that will help them continually challenge their own thinking and raise their game. 

Xquadrant Core has been designed to be that environment! It brings together all the elements: deep 1:1 coaching, a trusted community of peers, accountability mechanisms.

--Richard Medcalf, Founder

Introducing Xquadrant Core

Xquadrant Core is designed to help you continually grow your impact, push your thinking and hone your leadership capabilities, in a supportive peer environment.

Xquadrant Core is a hybrid coaching programme, with a lightweight structure to continually grow the influence and impact of top performing leaders.

You'll receive dedicated 1:1 coaching, as well as experiencing the power of being coached within a small group context. There are no more than 4 people in any one cohort, creating a supportive and attentive atmosphere, with the benefit of peer support and encouragement.  

There's a quarterly theme to help direct attention and grow in different ways, though you can be coached on whatever you want or need during any of the sessions.

How it works

  • Each month, you'll join a group session with up to four high-performing leaders. You'll receive personalised 1:1 coaching and attention during these sessions, as well as benefitting from the experiences and wisdom of the rest of the group. (Sessions will be on Zoom and will last 90 minutes, or 30 minutes if only one person attends for any reason).
  • Each quarter, we'll schedule a 1:1 deep dive coaching session (up to 90 minutes, via Zoom) to strategise together and work on your biggest leadership challenges and opportunities. You'll sharpen up your thinking, refine the insights from the group call, and make sure you harness the full value of what you experienced.
  • We'll stay connected through our private curated online group and 1:1 peer calls, as desired. You'll have access to the Xquadrant Hub portal, allowing you to capture session notes, log actions, record metrics and track your progress. This creates an immersive experience that supports real change far more than conversations alone can provide.
  • There'll be surprises.  Sometimes because we'll plan them, and sometimes because the community itself will decide what the most impactful activities will be.

Quarterly Themes

Taking an athletics analogy, we build 'core (leadership) muscle' by focusing on the following areas:

Q1: Strength

You'll pinpoint and address areas of weakness, and eliminate habits that are diminishing your influence.

Q2: Speed

You'll shift habitual knee-jerk reflexes, deal with areas of procrastination, or address inefficiencies in your working approach.

Q3: Style

You'll work on technique & mastery of your most valuable skills - moving from 'good to great' through deliberate practice.

Q4: Scope

You'll expand your sense of possibility, vision, visibility and ambition, ready to start the cycle of levelling-up once again.

Richard Medcalf

Richard Medcalf describes himself as "what you get if you were to put a McKinsey consultant, a slightly unorthodox pastor and an entrepreneur into a blender".

Richard is a leadership consultant and trusted advisor to exceptional CEOs & Founders of complex technology-driven businesses, and to their leadership teams. 

His clients are elite performers who've already achieved incredible things, and still have the ambition to 10x their impact and influence and achieve something that seems impossible right now. That can involve 1:1 coaching, taking the leadership team to its next level, or scaling high-performance culture throughout the business.

After a Masters Degree at Oxford University, where he came top in his year, Richard started his career in a premier strategy consultancy where he rose to become the youngest-ever Partner. He then spent 11 years at tech giant Cisco, firstly elevating Cisco’s relevance in the C-suite of its Fortune 100 customers before being selected for an elite team set up by Cisco’s President and CEO, John Chambers and Chuck Robbins, to catalyse strategic partnerships & new business models.

Richard has advised Founders and C-level execs for 20 years,  from Fortune 100 companies (Comcast, Mastercard, Sanofi, Sky, Orange, Bosch…) to high-growth tech firms (in AI, networking, robotics, fintech, …). He has overseen >$2B of deals.

Keen to marry the disciplines of strategy and leadership in service of his clients, he qualified as an executive coach with a global leadership brand before founding Xquadrant in 2017.

Richard is bi-national English/French, lives near Paris, and is happily married and the proud father of two. He's also a licensed lay minister in the Anglican Church, and has an insatiable love for spicy food and the electric guitar.

Client Appreciation

Alison Bartalino CPA

Personalised coaching plan

I was hoping that coaching would help my development as a growing manager - in learning to manage larger teams, improve my management skills. My biggest hesitation was that this would be generic material or the same tips/tricks you see in all articles. The positive reality was that Richard from Xquadrant provided a very personalised coaching plan, kept us accountable and had regular check ins to ensure we were achieving our goals!

The benefits of the work with Xquadrant are that I have successfully delegated a lot of my work to provide myself the time desired to do higher level strategic work. I have a clearer vision of what I need to do to stay on track to continue making positive progress.

David Bentley Manager

More time for high-value activities

I was hoping to improve my acumen and leadership skills. I was concerned that professional coaching was airy-fairy, but Xquadrant's coaching was anything but. Since working with Xquadrant, I have been able to prioritise my activities, creating more time for high value activities, learnt what is and is not important to me, to better delegate, and to think in a new way.

I would definitely recommend this type of work, and I have recommended it to my manager who is now working with Richard.

Gaut R. Group Financial Accountant

Life changing!

I found the programme to be a huge eye-opener and somewhat “life changing”. My expectation of myself changed significantly (for the better) as the course progressed. It has been hugely beneficial for me and personally, I feel I have developed as a manager, both from a delegation perspective and a team assessment perspective. Some of the tools Richard provided were brilliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the programme begin?

The next cohort begins in January 2022.

Does my physical location matter?

This is a global group as it brings diversity of perspective and unlocks new networks and opportunities.

The programme is delivered virtually and calls are suitable for European time zones, and we run different cohorts that are also suitable for American and Asian timezones. 

Application process

Membership is for a six months or a year at a time, and by invitation or application only.

Xquadrant Core is for you if...

  • You’re an entrepreneur, executive or ambitious high-performer.
  • You thrive on challenges and you're hungry to multiply your impact and your legacy.
  • You’re seeking extraordinary, fascinating peers to inspire you and stretch your mind.
  • Despite all that, you don’t take yourself too seriously!

Xquadrant Core is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not committed to investing in your professional & personal development.
  • You’re only interested in financial rewards and recognition.
  • You’re not committed to creating at least a 10X return on your investment of time, money and attention.

This isn't for everybody.  You need to be serious about your own personal and professional growth, and eager to multiply your impact. However, if you’re ready to be challenged and stretched, and be part of something special, then let’s talk.