A 6-week online programme, delivered live, to enable ambitious people leaders to free up valuable time and have a more strategic impact

Are you spending too much time on low-level tasks and not enough time on the strategic projects that will change everything?

Whether you're the CEO, a senior executive or a mid-level manager, it’s all too easy to find yourself in the “executive time trap”. Perhaps:

  • You’ve hit the ‘ceiling of complexity’, juggling so many things, and have become a bottleneck in the organisation
  • You’re stuck in operational tasks and don’t have the time to drive more strategic initiatives
  • You don’t even have the time to delegate, so you feel trapped in a vicious cycle
  • Your team are overloaded as well, so even if you could delegate you’re not sure they can take on any more

In short, you’re running hard and can’t go any faster - and that’s limiting your ability to grow your impact and lead at a higher level.

You don't need another productivity tip

You might have tried various strategies that tire you out but frankly don’t create the step-change you need:

  • Implement different productivity tools (urgent vs important, inbox zero…) - but the volume of work doesn’t really change
  • Delegate & drive the team - but complexity just seems to multiply and results are too slow
  • Read books on productivity - that have plenty of good ideas but are hard to actually embed into your daily work schedule

Ultimately, you want to be working on the transformational projects that will drive the business forward and multiply your own impact.  You want to stop turning the handle on the operational tasks, emails, and ‘must-dos’ that the organisation expects of you but keep things moving forward incrementally.

Increasing your impact is actually ‘deep work’

The reason those other strategies didn't solve your productivity conundrum is this:

Extracting yourself from lower-level tasks and working on more strategic activities is NOT a matter of forcing yourself to become more organised or adopt new tools, tips and productivity frameworks.

It’s actually a deeper game:

Principle #1

It's a mindset


As an executive you have plenty of demands upon you and many responsibilities to fulfil.  So it's easy to assume that you're doing the best you can manage given all your constraints, and that 'overload' is just the way it has to be.

Or perhaps busy-ness has worked for you in the past, so it's your default setting.

The point is, it's probably not a lack of information that's holding you back, but your mindset about what's possible, what's desirable and what actually works.

Principle #2

It's a leadership challenge

As a senior leader you work within an organisational framework and navigate a complex set of relationships.  If you want to free yourself up from lower-level tasks you are going to need to renegotiate expectations across the business: upwards, sideways and downwards.

Your stakeholders are going to need to expect different things from you.  When you work differently, they may need to work differently too.  So improving your use of time is actually a leadership challenge, where your influencing skills will matter.

Principle #3

It's a behaviour challenge

Most of us are doing the behaviours that made us successful last year, but not the behaviours that will make us even more successful next year.

Up-levelling how we use our precious time is a key behaviour change. And behaviour change isn't easy.

So you don't need more information, you need the structures and support around you to help you actually implement new ideas and approaches and get the result.

In short, freeing yourself up from lower-level tasks to focus on more strategic activity is a personal transformation challenge and not simply a matter of tips and tools.

That’s why a coaching-led approach - focusing on mindset, leadership and habit formation - works so incredibly well.

And that’s exactly what we’ve put together.


Executive Productivity Accelerator

A six-week online coaching programme for ambitious people leaders

Extract yourself from 8+ hours/week of low-level tasks, to focus on strategic high-value work that will catapult your influence and impact

  • Pinpoint the high-value tasks that you need to be working on but aren’t
  • Understand & overcome the hidden beliefs that are keeping you locked in low-value work
  • Build and execute a plan to rapidly eliminate 8+ hours of busywork each week
  • Turn around people’s expectations of you so they propel you forward rather than hold you back
  • Get the support you need to embed these new behaviours and make them second-nature

Just think: in just a few weeks you’ll have made a massive upgrade to how you spend your time.

You’ll be spending less time on tasks that don’t really move the needle, and will be working on the projects and activities that will take you forward to a new level of impact - whether you’re the CEO or at any other level of management.

Core Programme

The programme is structured around three two-week modules, delivered live over Zoom (and recorded), each addressing a key area of executive productivity. In each module you'll implement five key steps to achieve meaningful short-term results as well as setting you up for ongoing success.


Before the three main modules begin, you’ll go deep into your motivation and mindset to get clear about what acting more strategically actually looks like for you and what the impact will be.

You’ll start to examine some of the mindsets that are keeping you from becoming more productive, and will make some immediate changes to get you working more strategically from day 1 of the first main module.

You’ll have an exciting future vision of what’s possible for you, and the confidence that it’s achievable. 

Module 1: Taming The Dragon

Email & Messaging

In this module you’ll create a game plan to extract yourself from the siren call of your inbox and put in place the structures around you to make it stick. You’ll create and communicate a powerful and personalised email policy and learn techniques to keep email under control.

You’ll have a new relationship with email, and you’ll spend less time firefighting and more time focused on strategic work.

You’ll experience the serenity and focus that comes when email becomes a servant, and not a master.

Module 2: The Power Loop

Tasks & Delegation

In this module, you’ll identify and tackle the tasks that you’re doing but really shouldn’t be - even if you can’t see a way to be rid of them right now.

You’ll eliminate or delegate at least one major time-sink, and repurpose that time in ways that will compound and free up even more effort in the weeks to come - creating a ‘power loop’ that continually works for you.

You’ll feel the satisfaction of your workload genuinely shifting and enjoy the sense of levelling-up that comes as you see a higher return on your time each week.

Module 3: Extraction

Projects & Meetings

In this module, you’ll build and execute an Extraction Plan and Filter, and put in place ongoing processes to make sure you’re only spending your time on the most valuable projects and meetings.

This will stop so much busywork and free up hours each week to work on the transformational initiatives that only you can do.

Your confidence will rise as you see that ‘less is more’, and by spending less time on low value projects you’re able to truly accelerate the ones that matter.


Following the three main modules, we’ll take time to celebrate and review your progress.

You’ll consolidate the learning journey, observe the areas where you still have opportunities to explore, and identify ‘what’s next’ and install ongoing habits to streamline and up-level your productivity.

You’ll finish the programme with a sense of real progress and a game plan to build upon your successes.

How Executive Productivity Accelerator works

You'll benefit both from fresh insights and an accountability structure to move you forward.

Workshop Sessions

Each module will begin with a live Zoom session where we will train you on the core concepts and build your first-draft action plan.

You’ll leave these sessions with new “aha’s” and the satisfaction of having a roadmap already ready for implementation.

If you can’t make these sessions live, no problem - they will be recorded and you can work through them at a convenient time.

Implementation Sessions

In the second week of each module, you can join the Implementation Session for support and accountability.

We’ll address your most pressing concerns and overcome any obstacles, and help you to convert your knowledge into hours saved.

Learning Community

Between the sessions, you’ll be connected to the group via a private Slack community to continue to reflect, observe and learn together in a distraction-free environment

Accountability & Progress Tracking

You’ll also be plugged into the Xquadrant Hub portal where you’ll be able to track your progress and stay accountable for any commitments you make or habits you build. This creates real momentum, with a single place to track actions and agreements.


The biggest benefit has been completing reassessing how I am as a leader. This programme has helped make a huge shift.

Manager, previous programme


As a result of working with Richard I'm focusing far more on delivering  transformational projects.

C-Suite Exec, Logicalis


This has been of *huge* help assisting me in prioritising my work.  

Executive, Software AG


I'm much more alert when it comes to focusing my efforts, being more aware of time traps & how I can be more productive.

C-Suite Exec, Ecovadis


Richard's helped me focus on the ‘critical few’ behaviours that make all the difference, and I’m seeing better engagement both at senior peer level and within my team.

CFO, Global IT Firm


Before it felt I was trying to do everything... you've really helped me focus on the high-value activities.

CEO, $2B technology firm

Packages & Pricing

Select from three options:

  • BUSINESS is the core programme, delivered in a small group format
  • EXECUTIVE includes 1:1 support for each of the three modules
  • CONCIERGE is for top execs who want us to do as much of the process for you.  We'll make a personal review of your calendar, focus you on the specific key levers for your situation, and train your EA.




Core Programme

Implementation Sessions

Private Community

Xquadrant Hub

Xquadrant Academy

Stakeholder involvement


1:1 coaching sessions


1:1 strategy session


Calendar review


EA training


PRICE (excl. VAT)




Click here for an explanation of each element in the table above

  • Core Programme - Workshops (live/recorded) and core training material.
  • Implementation Sessions - Hands-on workshops during each module.  If you choose the EXECUTIVE or CONCIERGE options you may prefer to skip these group sessions and work with us exclusively on a 1:1 basis, or double down and benefit from both group and individual sessions. The choice is yours.
  • Private Community - Slack group to learn and take action together
  • Xquadrant Hub - 4 months of access to our powerful coaching portal to record and track progress
  • Xquadrant Academy - monthly group coaching sessions for 3 months after the programme ends to address any further obstacles or challenges
  • Stakeholder Involvement - we can optionally include your manager into the process (15 minute alignment call and request for feedback at key stages). This will make it easier for you to implement the changes you need to make, and also provide accountability and focus to the work
  • 1:1 coaching sessions - three 1:1 coaching sessions to work with you directly on whatever mindset or practical challenges are holding you back from greater results
  • 1:1 strategy session - a 1:1 session at the start of the programme to develop your action plan and make fast progress on the biggest issues
  • Calendar review - a "done for you" review of your last 6 weeks, so you get an objective analysis of where you spend your time and so you can have your thinking challenged
  • EA training - a "done for you" session where we'll work with your EA to develop some key guidelines.  Plus your EA can follow along with the material at no extra change, improving their productivity and also helping them to understand what you are trying to achieve and how they can help you

Programme Dates

The three core modules will be delivered as a six-week 'sprint', allowing you to rapidly make progress and see results.  It will require commitment and courage on your part, but the results will be worth it. Implementation sessions will last 90 minutes; the other sessions will be 60 minutes.

All sessions will be recorded, although you'll get the maximum benefit from attending live.

Time zones not convenient? Let us know - we are considering adding an Asian-friendly option.




Tuesday 1st June 2021

6pm CET - 5pm BST - 12pm EDT

Module 1: Training

Tuesday 8th June 2021

6pm CET - 5pm BST - 12pm EDT

Module 1: Implementation

Tuesday 15th June 2021

5pm CET - 4pm BST - 11am EDT

Module 2: Training

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

6pm CET - 5pm BST - 12pm EDT

Module 2: Implementation

Tuesday 29th June 2021

5pm CET - 4pm BST - 11am EDT

Module 3: Training

Tuesday 6th July 2021

6pm CET - 5pm BST - 12pm EDT

Module 3: Implementation

Tuesday 13th July 2021

5pm CET - 4pm BST - 11am EDT


Tuesday 20th July 2021

6pm CET - 4pm BST - 11am EDT

Getting started

This programme isn't for you if you're happy in your comfort zone. You need to be genuinely committed to creating a true leap in performance and impact, and open to changing the way you see yourself and your role. You also need to be prepared to invest time over the core 6-week period to actually make the changes.

This is a small group programme. Spaces are limited and by application only.  If you are interested in exploring whether this programme is a good fit, please book an initial conversation to discuss.