Introducing Hone: An exclusive peer community of world-class tech CEOs, to help you think & lead at a whole new level and multiply your impact

Being a mission-driven impactful CEO is one thing.
Being surrounded by them is another.

Most people believe CEOs to be on the top of their game. But the truth is it's just the start.

I coach, study and work with ambitious CEOs leading fast-growing tech-driven businesses. For example, my clients include the CEO of a $2 billion IT services group, the Founder of a hugely successful telecoms new entrant, and the CEO of a scale-up tech ‘unicorn' that raised record-levels of financing.

And when you’re in top leadership, there are some specific challenges that emerge:

  • You’ve never needed help. You’re one of the highest-achieving people you know, and it didn’t even seem that hard. You definitely don’t need support - but perhaps you do want an accelerator to get to your next level of impact
  • It can be lonely.  There are few people for you to turn to, and there are few people willing to speak the unvarnished truth to you.
  • You’re always in action. The Grey Zone is the pace set by a runner that is too fast for recovery and too slow for growth.  You’re delivering so much, but not slowing down enough for the real breakthroughs.
  • The cost can be high.  You’re creating incredible success at work, but you might be suffering at home or your health is taking a toll. 
  • There’s always a gap.  You create a powerful vision, but you’re always aware of the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

In other words, your default future is great, but you know you can create exponentially more impact on all of your stakeholders. The path to this preferred future involves stepping out of the day-to-day and engaging in high-value conversations and high-level relationships.

That's where the magic happens and this is why Hone is my #1 project.

--Richard Medcalf, Founder

Introducing Hone

Hone is an exclusive peer community of world-class tech CEOs, to help you think & lead at a whole new level and multiply your impact.

Hone is for you if:

  • You’re a founder, president of CEO of a tech-driven growth business, with at least $30M in revenues (perhaps many times more)
  • You refuse to be bound by linear thinking. It’s why people follow you.
  • You thrive on challenges and you’re not afraid of failure. You know success is on the other side.
  • You’re seeking extraordinary and fascinating peers to inspire you and stretch your mind.
  • Despite all that, you don’t take yourself too seriously!

Hone isn't for you if:

  • You’re only interested in financial rewards and recognition.
  • You’re not committed to being surrounded by people who can push your thinking.
  • You’re looking to passively consume, instead of actively engage.
  • You’re not committed to investing in your professional & personal development.
  • You’re not committed to creating at least a 10X return on your investment of time, money and attention.

Components of the programme

Fresh perspective and laser-focused peer input

Your time is incredibly valuable: you don’t want fluff but you do want powerful input that makes a difference.

So the agenda is YOU.

We’ll come together virtually every quarter, with two agenda items: to expand your thinking and spot what you might be missing, and to work together on your top opportunities or challenges.

Game-changing relationships

You’ll be part of an elite cohort of no more than 8 top CEOs in relevant but non-competing sectors.

Through our private online group and 1:1 peer calls, you’ll build deep relationships with high-achieving peers who share the same pressures and who really get you.

Just one of these relationships could open up a major opportunity or add seven figures of value.

Space & structure to think deeply

Our very best ideas come when we create time for space and reflection. We’ll create that space for you to slow down and find your breakthroughs, through quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions and especially in our 2-day annual group retreat (near Paris).

We’ll help you think bigger and expand your sense of legacy. What’s the impact that you want to make in the world, on your customers and on your team? What’s so important to you that you want to 10X or 100X it?

Business transformation & personal transformation

Many CEO groups end up just addressing business challenges. We’ll help you with those, but the deeper question is: what’s the personal stretch for you to lead at a whole new level?

We’ll support each other on your business transformation and on your personal transformation.

Application Process

Membership is for a year at a time, and by invitation or application only.

We want to make sure every single leader in the group is a great fit, because the programme is designed to be uncomfortable and challenging and to push you to your highest level. 

We don’t admit direct competitors for obvious reasons.

In a nutshell, we seek world-class leaders who ‘want’ this community but don’t ‘need’ it.

You should be a little intimidated by us.

And we should be a little intimidated by you!

If you’re looking for something entirely ‘cookie cutter’, this isn’t for you for two reasons.  Firstly, this is a community to participate in and not a product to consume. Secondly, as a Founder Member you’ll help to shape the feel, focus and modus operandi of the group.

However, if you’re ready to be challenged and stretched, and be part of something special, then let’s talk!