‘Impact Multiplier’ CEO Coaching

Lead your business like never before and multiply your impact across your entire sector.

Who helps you get to the next level?

You’re in the biggest role of your career. As Founder or CEO, you’re juggling operational demands, strategic opportunities and internal transformations - whilst navigating the changing demands of a complex and fast moving technology-driven market.

  • The surface challenges are managing people, managing time, managing conflict and managing priorities..
  • And the deeper challenges include the high stakes, pressure, isolation, uncertainty, complexity and absence of structure.

The simple truth is that what got you here won’t get you to the next level of impact. Your past success can actually get in the way of your future success. And your strengths as a high-performer become a liability as a leader.

When you’re at the top of your organisation, there are very few people around you who are willing to tell you what you really need to hear, without bias and without an agenda.

So, who supports you at a deep level as you lead others? Who do you talk to?

Who dares tell you the unvarnished truth? Who sees what you can’t see? Who challenges and pushes your thinking? Who helps you lean into the growth area that will make all the difference?

Multiply your impact

I’m Richard Medcalf, Founder of Xquadrant. I’m known as "The Impact Multiplier Coach" to top tech CEOs.  My #1 focus is helping successful tech & digital CEOs focus on the most important levers to take them and their team to a whole new level of success.

There are 1000s of consultants and coaches out there. But almost no-one masters the intersections of strategy, leadership and purpose - and how they work in our complex and hyper-connected tech-driven environment. That’s where you’ll find the breakthroughs. And that’s my gift.

I’ve worked at the highest levels of the business world on strategy and business transformation; I’ve been involved in leadership and personal transformation for over 25 years, and I’ve had the courage to put millions of dollars of personal income on the line in order to deliver on my purpose.

I’ve lived and breathed the tech sector for over two decades, and have an insider's understanding of how technology is changing the way we build businesses and the way we lead people.

What people know about me is my CV highlights as a 'top performer':

  • top of my year at Oxford University
  • youngest ever Partner at TMT strategy consultancy Analysys Mason
  • part of an elite team set up by Cisco’s CEO
  • founder of Xquadrant, creating an impressive CEO client base within just a few years

But what people don’t normally know is that none of that feels special. Inside, there’s a still sense that there’s a whole new level to get to, and so much more impact I’ve not yet tapped into. I feel a responsibility to make the world a better place, and yet the drive for results can sometimes get in the way. Perhaps you feel the same.

I am often the only person in my client’s world who is not here to please them. I won’t sugar coat it. I won’t let your fears hold you back. And I promise I won’t buy into the stories you’re telling yourself.

I’ll tell you how it is. I’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And I’ll do it all from an authentic and vulnerable place.

But it’s not all about challenge. Leadership can be lonely, so I’m also here to be your biggest believer and your biggest champion; to fight for your highest good.


‘Impact Multiplier’ CEO Coaching

Personal 1:1 support from Xquadrant Founder Richard Medcalf

Up-level your ambition, thinking & leadership habits to lead your business like never before and multiply your impact across your entire sector

  • See what you hadn’t seen; hear what no-one else dares to tell you
  • Deepen, stretch and expand your thinking
  • Embed new behaviours, to lead more powerfully than ever and create a new future
  • Find better answers to your biggest challenges
  • Discover higher-value questions, to play a whole new game

Just think of how much further and faster you’ll scale your impact with a trusted and independent thought partner to rely on.

You’ll stress-test important decisions, rethink your assumptions to find breakthrough new insights, you’ll navigate critical conversations more confidently and effectively than ever, and you’ll focus your time on the most strategic levers to grow your business.

A completely bespoke coaching experience

We start by scheduling biweekly calls but this is based on your needs.

Some of my clients prefer a single extended session each month. Some prefer short weekly sessions. But all of them have what I call “Virtually Unlimited Coaching.” When you need support, we make time.

You have access to my entire toolkit. And you have access to my connections with other elite leaders, coaches and consultants, depending on your needs.

Sometimes you need high-level brainstorming. Sometimes you need Deep Coaching. Sometimes you need problem solving. And in every conversation, I stretch your thinking.

Often I work with you alone. When needed, you can bring me in to work with your team or even your Board.

Way more than "coaching"

  • At least 6 months of support. Most of my clients decide to retain me on a long-term basis, but this is entirely your choice
  • Personal leadership blueprint to bring strategic focus, via an introductory questionnaire and overview analysis. Often we complete this fast - in a dedicated Blueprint Accelerator session - to quickly give focus and a sense of momentum.
  • Up to 3h scheduled coaching a month — on Zoom
  • 'Laser coaching’ calls, as needed
  • A subscription to Xquadrant Hub, our coaching portal/app. We’ll use it to capture insights, record actions and measure progress. Through this portal you’ll also be able to review and download a complete record of our journey together.
  • A dedicated private messaging number – for fast brainstorming or Q&A
  • If desired, a “Leader 360” and ongoing Pulse Surveys to understand the perceptions of your most important stakeholders
  • A range of profiling tools - based on your specific needs and situation, to open up fresh insights around how you operate and create results — at your best and under stress
  • Video recordings of our Zoom sessions, available within 24 hours, with transcriptions, generated by an AI app, so you always walk away with a word-for-word summary of each discussion
  • Feedback, strategies, recommended resources and action items
  • Introductions and connections to fascinating business leaders and consultants, when needed
  • An annual personal retreat, at a mutually convenient location anywhere in the world, to step back, reflect deeply and level-up. This is typically an overnight, mid-day to mid-day event in a luxury venue. We cover the accommodation, meals and event fees, you pick up the travel costs.
  • Complimentary access to our CEO Club events, to broaden and deepen your network with other CEOs
  • A Leadership Team Assessment, once per year, to gain the real pulse of your senior leadership team and develop a viewpoint on how to take them to their next level. I'll survey and interview your team personally, and we'll review the insights together and with your team.
  • A Leadership Team Workshop, for one day per year.  I'll facilitate your strategy, help you develop your team, or lead your virtual or physical team retreat.
  • An "All-Access Pass" to any Xquadrant group programmes during your time with us. You can participate personally, or gift the programme to a colleague or anyone else.


My Impact Multiplier CEO Coaching clients are all Founders & CEOs who are working in fast-moving and complex sectors such as tech, telecoms, digital and pharma.

There are new markets to be captured, fast growth to be managed, and major transformations to be navigated. And there’s a vast opportunity to create a world-changing impact - and a legacy that’s truly significant.

Current and recent clients include:

  • The CEO of a $3 billion worldwide technology distributor
  • The founder and chairman of a global fibre-optic telecoms scale-up, nominated Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young for "growth & profitability that most can only dream of"
  • The CEO of a $2.5 billion global IT services firm
  • The CEO of a high-profile European artificial intelligence start-up, which was subsequently acquired by a prestigious US consumer electronics brand
  • The UK chief executive and chairman of a global pharmaceuticals giant
  • The CEO of a scale-up tech 'unicorn' with over 700 employees, who recently raised $200M of financing for their innovative B2B platform
  • The CEO of a high-value telecoms network operator
  • The CEO of the European region of a global systems integrator


Richard adds direct value to me and to my team by quickly understanding the business context and the key issues.  He strikes the right balance between empathy and challenge to me and the team.  Richard has a deep understanding of business in general and technology business in particular and his work always has a clear business focus.

Mikael Sandberg

Chairman, VX Fiber


I felt comfortable opening up to Richard very quickly - and I was really surprised at how much I learned about myself in just a short span of time. This helped me come up with strategies to become a more effective leader. Richard is absolutely a trusted adviser, and I appreciate how he shifts from coaching to consulting to training or mentoring depending on what we need. I’d recommend Richard to any CEO looking to play a bigger game.

Bob Bailkoski

CEO, Logicalis Group

Getting started

Impact Multiplier CEO Coaching is my personal inner circle of top CEO/Founder/President clients. We both need to be a 'hell yes' to begin this journey together. You need to be genuinely committed to creating a true leap in your impact across and beyond your business.

If you are interested in exploring whether this programme is a good fit for you, please book an initial conversation to discuss.