S4E9: "Disruptive creativity despite remote working" with CEO James Bain

An episode of The Impact Multiplier CEO Podcast

S4E9: “Disruptive creativity despite remote working” with CEO James Bain

James Bain (CEO of electronic payments specialist Worldline UK&I) talks with Xquadrant's Founder Richard Medcalf.

We are continuing our season on "CEO Success Formulae", where highly impactful CEOs share what’s driven their success to date - and explore what it will take to reach the next level.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • 2 strategies that James used to spark creativity and cross-team collaboration - despite COVID lockdown
  • The dangers of 'skunk works' projects - and how to calibrate speed to bring people with you
  • Why James rejects "innovation" - and the strategies he uses to foster invention and creativity instead
  • How to find your next level by considering impact through time and space

"I don't believe in innovation"

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