S3E8: “Nothing happens after our leadership team off-sites”

An episode of The Impact Multiplier CEO Podcast

S3E8: “Nothing happens after our leadership team off-sites”

As a CEO or other senior leader, how do you feel when after a leadership retreat you come up with a bunch of incredible ways to up-level your business, but a few months later, all those ideas have died a quiet death, and business is much the same as before?

Today we’re continuing Season 3, focused on High Value-Creating Leadership Teams.

Richard Medcalf and Davina Stanley discuss what we can do to implement all the good stuff from our off-sites and the practical ways to maintain awareness and focus, and to eliminate lower-value activities.

You'll learn:

  • The underlying reasons why most initiatives developed at team off-sites die a quiet death
  • The two kinds of decisions your team will make - and which ones you need to focus on
  • The "Las Vegas Wedding Rule" and how to apply it to your leadership offsite
  • Tips to restructure your environment to improve follow-through
  • The extra person you might need to help you deliver on your leadership team offsite

"Events inspire, processes transform. So work on the process surrounding your offsite much more than the retreat itself!"

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