S3E7: "Our leadership team meetings are ‘meh’"

An episode of The Impact Multiplier CEO Podcast

S3E7: “Our leadership team meetings are ‘meh’”

As a CEO or other senior leader, what do you do when your leadership team meetings aren't the strategic decision-making powerhouses that you'd like and when they're frankly a bit "meh"? What's the #1 issue your team really needs to breakthrough right now?

Today we’re continuing Season 3, focused on High Value-Creating Leadership Teams.

Richard Medcalf and Davina Stanley discuss what makes leadership team meetings flat and uninspiring. We also discuss the communication tactics and what to do if I'm a CEO and my executive team meetings need a boost.

You'll learn:

  • What communication tactics can replace the need for meetings
  • The traps that make leadership meetings flat and uninspiring
  • The four ways to create more energy and focus in your team meetings
  • The one big structural change that will make every meeting better

"Less is more, and making a breakthrough on one major issue is more valuable than minor updates, discussions and rubber-stamping a whole bunch of smaller issues."

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