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S3E5: “We’re not having the bold conversations in our leadership team.”

As a CEO or other senior leader, what do you think about the quality of conversations in your leadership team? Are they bold and honest, or are there important issues that are not being surfaced?

Today we’re continuing Season 3, focused on High Value-Creating Leadership Teams.

Richard Medcalf and Davina Stanley discuss how to create the right forums and set things up to make it easy to hold people accountable and deal with toxic behaviours. We also discuss the one big metric that will determine the level of quality discussion your team truly has.

You'll learn:

  • The kinds of conversations that many leadership teams aren’t having
  • How to create the right forums for the right sorts of question
  • How to set things up to make it easy to hold people accountable and deal with toxic behaviours
  • Why people REALLY aren’t bringing their real challenges to the table

"There are plenty of teams who get on well, have a decent know/like/trust factor, are quite happy arguing over various business decisions, but who don’t address the big issues together."

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