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S3E2: What’s holding your executive team back?

As a CEO or other senior leader, how do you know what’s holding your executive team back? And holding it back from what?

Today we’re continuing Season 3, focused on High Value-Creating Leadership Teams.

Richard Medcalf and Davina Stanley discuss how to build an objective view of what’s holding your team back from greater impact. We also discuss the different tools you can use to help you understand your team.

You'll learn:

  • Why no organisation can be healthier than its number 1 team 
  • Why the leader’s perception isn’t the starting point for the executive team to move forward 
  • What is needed for the leadership team to move forward and the one question every leader should be asking 
  • What are biggest enemy is and how to fight it
  • How to get data from and/or about the executive team
  • The difference between blind spots, black spots and hot spots

“No organisation can be healthier than its number 1 team."

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