November 29

Why strategic time will change your world

If you feel you have no time for the creative, strategic thinking that you know you need to be doing right now, here’s a resource that you’ll want to check out.

We’ve just launched season 12 of The Impact Multiplier CEO Podcast. Davina Stanley interviews me about my new book, Making Time For Strategy and draws out some of the most important themes and messages.

The first episode is already out. It’s called “Making time for strategy, and why it will change your world.


Why making time for strategy will change your world

In this episode we explore why I wrote the book, understand how even top leaders struggle with overwork and tunnel vision, and look at why conventional approaches to time management don't work in today's connected age.

You’ll also learn about:

  • “The infinity trap", and why it's causing most leaders to underperform
  • Why “strategic time” is the #1 predictor of your future success
  • Why making time for strategy isn't primarily a productivity challenge, and what the real issues are

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming episodes (one released each week). So six more reasons to subscribe to the podcast (and to encourage your team to do the same)!

  • Ep 2: “The reason most people get stuck in the weeds.”
  • Ep 3: “How to free up hours each week for more strategic activity.”
  • Ep 4: “The critical conversations standing between you and strategic focus.”
  • Ep 5: “How your own thinking is keeping you stuck in low-value activity.”
  • Ep 6: “How to create a culture of strategic activity in your team.”
  • Ep 7: “Making time for strategy: practical strategies for a permanent shift.”

Have a listen and let me know one key insight you had. I’d love to know.

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