​​​​S1E2: Eliminating noise to bring strategic focus to your business

How do you multiply focus and attention in your organisation both for yourself and your team?

As a CEO or other senior leader you're inevitably very busy. But what has your attention? How do you strategise your focus?

In this episode we’re continuing our series on the 5 Impact Multipliers for high-achieving leaders. You’ll discover multiplier #1, "eliminating noise" and how to create space for you to have powerful insights and really get strategic.

You'll learn:

  • What the ‘goal stack’ is and how to use it to strategise your focus and attention (07’32”)
  • The importance of differentiating between business strategic objectives vs personal ones (16’18”)
  • The 2 practical steps to take to start eliminating noise and repurposing the time gained (28’09”)
  • How to not mix execution, strategy and learning and follow a rigorous cycle in order to deliver (34’44”)

"Nature abhors a vacuum"

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