​​​​S1E1: The 5 Impact Multipliers: how high achievers scale their success without overwhelm

How do you create exponentially more impact than you’ve achieved so far?

As a CEO or other senior leader, how can you create exponentially more impact than you’ve achieved so far? It can be easy to continue with the success formula that’s worked for you so far, so how and why do you then move on to your next level?

In this episode you’ll discover the 5 most powerful leadership levers for impact for those who are already moving fast and making a difference, and yet want more results and more impact.

You'll learn:

  • What an “impact multiplier” is and the specific set of 5 multipliers available to you (03’39”)
  • The importance of releasing results instead of always driving them (07’42”)
  • How to get over the trap of agreeing on strategies and then not implementing them (17’18”)

"“Slow down to speed-up”

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