Reinventing your success formula

I’m releasing a new email series called “Reinventing Your Success Formula”. We’ll look at how we can reinvent the very things that made us successful in order to unlock our next level of impact.

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What will it take to make the impossible happen?

As a senior leader, you’ve no doubt some big ambitions for the business and for yourself. But I wonder:

If you’re clear about what that is, perfect - read on!

However, if the answer is “nothing”, perhaps you’ve scaled back your imagination to fit within what’s “achievable” and “realistic”. I see many leaders do that - after all, they’re highly successful, so why risk that by taking on impossible, unfeasible projects?

But what if you could take something that you believe to be impossible, declare it possible, and make that possibility a reality?


At first glance, making the impossible happen seems… impossible. But we can all identify men and women who have made the impossible happen. Here are some names - add your own examples to the list:

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Sam Walton
  • Steve Jobs
  • Eddie the Eagle (!)

Is this something reserved for the elite few? Not at all.

This is not something I’m claiming to have mastered, but it’s a journey that I’ve been fascinated about for years. It’s a journey I’ve committed myself to. And it’s a journey that I’m increasingly helping my clients go on.

The reason for this is that our current “possibility zone” is a hard limit on the impact we can make, and to fulfil our potential it’s essential to break through that into the realm of impossibility.

Is your brain hurting yet? 🤯

“What got you here won’t get you there”

It’s a well-worn phrase. But it goes deeper than you can imagine.

It’s a call not just to adopt a few new tips and tricks, but to rethink what you believe is necessary, desirable and possible. It’s not a few new skills to learn, it’s a shift in the person that you are being as you exert your leadership role.

And this can be scary. If you’re like most of my clients, you’re at the top of your game. You’re highly successful and you know exactly how you create results.

You’re relying on your “success formula” that has proven its worth to you over the years:

  • You know what you can achieve
  • You take on ambitious but achievable challenges
  • You set goals as a place to “get to”
  • You’re confident you can win

But when you reinvent your success formula, something shifts:

  • You happily take on the impossible
  • You see things you couldn’t see before
  • You harness a power that was not available to you before
  • Your goals are a place to “come from”
  • You achieve a serenity that you never knew was possible

The is a deep transformation. It’s such an important shift for anyone who’s serious about exponential impact, so I’ve written a short email series about it.

In just a handful of emails, we’re going to lay the groundwork for reinventing your own success formula:

  • We’ll unpick your current success formula. We’ll look at the three essential factors that are determining how you show up in the world, and help you understand the degree to which they are controlling and perhaps limiting you.
  • We’ll review some 800-year old advice for winning bloody battles and see how that can actually set the stage for us to achieve the impossible.
  • And you’ll start to create a new way of leading that gives you a shot at actually making the impossible happen.

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