Changing Your Game:

A 10-week email course to help you get the most from your GC Index profile.

Profiling tools such as the The GC Index are incredibly insightful.  But it's easy for the insights to be forgotten once you get back into daily operations. More is needed to actually embed these new ways of thinking and turn the insights into action.

This practical email course is designed to do just that.

By staying engaged with the language and ideas of The GC Index over a sustained period, and by examining how it can practically serve you and your team in the day-to-day reality of your work, you'll internalise the learnings and truly maximise the value of The GC Index.

Deepen your insights and turn them into action

Over 10 weeks, you'll deepen and implement insights from the GC Index, with an email programme that's personalised to your very own profile:

  • Make a bigger impact, by taking advantage of your strengths
  • Maximise your motivation, as you rethink how you operate and deliver value
  • Appreciate your colleagues on a deeper level
  • Collaborate more effectively, by building personal strategies
  • Help your team raise their collective impact
  • Drive impactful change across the business
GC Index - Cycle

We've designed the material to be insightful but not overwhelming, action-orientated, and customised to your personal GC Index proclivities.  Your GC Index experience becomes much more than a report or a workshop - it becomes a journey that gives you time to reflect on and "stay with" the learnings, ultimately resulting in sustained shifts in your thinking and behaviour.

Special Launch Pricing

To celebrate the launch of the Changing Your Game email implementation course, we are offering discounted pricing including the opportunity for existing Xquadrant clients to benefit from the material at no charge!


General Public

Xquadrant Clients

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Launch Price

(expires 9 April 2021)




1. Xquadrant Client price applies for all clients who acquired their GC Index profile report through Xquadrant

2. All prices are per person and exclude VAT, which will be charged in addition where applicable

Xquadrant & The GC Index

Xquadrant is a longstanding and active partner of The GC Index. We are committed to developing cutting-edge thought leadership to maximise the value of this powerful profiling tool.

Our "GC Index Review & Ultimate Guide" has been highly acclaimed and is now a go-to resource for the GC Index community worldwide.

The "Changing Your Game" email implementation course is the latest in our set of proprietary resources to help our clients turn insght into action and embed the GC Index into their organisation for greatest results. 


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Nathan Ott - Founder, The GC Index