Successful CEOs and executives know how to drive results. But there's a whole level beyond that.

To create extraordinary impact,

learn to lead at a whole new level

At Xquadrant we believe in multiplying the impact of successful leaders, because they have the potential to create so much positive impact in the world. They are the people who will launch and create new and important things and create environments in which people can thrive.

But where's the 'growth edge' for people and teams who've already demonstrated themselves to be high achievers?

In our own experience, exponentially greater impact awaits at the intersection of purpose, strategy and leadership:


Find a vision that sets you on fire

Financial success is “fuel”, but what’s the destination? Discover the vision that sets you alight and you’ll become unstoppable.


Upgrade your ‘success formula'

Running even faster won't get you where you need to go. You need fresh insights and new capabilities to lead at a whole new level.


Shift from speed to momentum

Spend less time solving problems and more time building a movement. Master the skills that build momentum.

To move others, you have to be moved yourself

There’s an endless stream of books and advice about leadership, change management and building businesses.

But there’s still a shortage of fabulous leaders who are “on fire” and who inspire and mobilise people around a heroic, audacious vision.

We believe in more than financial success. We believe in a creating virtuous circle of impact that serves a mission that matters:

  • A galvanising vision that mobilises people
  • Committed people who generate increasing value
  • Strong financials that resource an ever-increasing vision

We’re unlikely to rise higher than our sense of vision and purpose. Sometimes we suffer from a failure of imagination; sometimes from the ‘golden handcuffs’ and the fear of reaching for something so big we might fail.

But when we find something that truly moves us, we can truly move others.

So, what’s so important to you that you just have to 100X it?

There's no growth in the comfort zone

Many exceptional leaders are actually stuck in “yesterday’s success formula”.

Often this involves being the ’superstar’ and results in being overwhelmed by operational concerns and low-level activities, having no time to think, and not playing at the next level.

They run into the brick wall of “not enough time” - and this keeps them stuck at a certain level of success.

However, when we focus on upgrading their own behaviours and thinking - and that of our team - we create exponentially greater value than continually firefighting and solving the immediate problem at hand.

This approach creates an incredible advantage that compounds across your entire life. Whereas most people keep operating at the same level, in their comfort zone, impact-driven leaders continually look for people, situations and ideas that will propel them into new insights and new behaviours.

Getting strategic about upgrading your 'success formula' requires three things:

  • Focus: We only have limited time, energy and attention.  The art of finding your next level involves strategically identifying and refocusing on High Value Activities - the tiny few levers that will truly make a difference right now - and eliminating the noise, distractions and confusion.
  • Insight: Generating insight is an incredibly high value activity, because in an instant our whole world can change with just a single insight.  We need to improve our ability to discover our own blindspots, and as we do whole new vistas of opportunity will emerge. 
  • Behaviour: Insight isn't enough.  We're often held back by our tendencies and behavioural patterns, and find it incredibly hard to master new ones.  When we master new behaviours, new results automatically follow.

We believe that the best leaders continually and humbly put themselves under the microscope, so they can be more strategic and create more value than ever.

We don't get what we want. We get who we are.  Who's the next version of you?

Rather than adding value, focus on multiplying value

Successful leaders already know how to drive results, personally and through their team or organisation - and get things done fast.

But this is thinking linearly - because we have to do it all again next quarter.

Instead, we want to be people who build momentum - creating ever-increasing capacity and capability in ourselves and in our organisation so that results compound upon each other and we create exponential results.

So we need to shift from “adding value” to “multiplying value”:

  • releasing energy and commitment in others
  • diffusing interpersonal friction, stress and drama
  • creating simple, scalable ways to multiply key skills and shift mindsets across the organisation

This is a skill set that most leaders simply have not acquired. It’s quite one thing to climb the mountain of leadership and high-performance; it’s another to take other people up that mountain, and it’s quite another to develop leaders who themselves multiply and grow more leaders.

Where are the exponential, multiplicative opportunities for you?

A note from Xquadrant's Founder, Richard Medcalf

This is personal

Xquadrant is a business, but it's also a mission. It's not just how I earn a living; it's my way of focusing my energies into impact.  And it's deeply personal.

My sister is severely handicapped and needs 24 hour care. My mother died at age 59. These events instilled a core conviction that when we have ability and resources, we owe it to ourselves and to others to use them fully and make our bit of the world a better place.  Because many other people don't get the same chance.

I had a tremendous start to my career - only to get to a point where it didn’t feel meaningful, and I felt I’d stagnated. I realised I was only contributing to a corporate EBITDA number and wasn’t creating the story of impact I’d want to tell my great-grandchildren at the age of 90.

I started the deep work to understand what truly moved me, and how I could start to move others. And I found that when I applied my sense of personal purpose and my sense of strategy my leadership and influence skyrocketed. And as I learned to play a bigger and bigger game, I’ve been finding my impact and influence has been growing exponentially.

It’s still a journey, and it’s the journey I love taking high-performing leaders on. Leaders who have so much to offer but aren’t yet creating the impact they're capable of and that they deeply desire.

-- Richard Medcalf

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