How to become magnetic and 10X the impact of your conversations

As a CEO or senior leader, are your people truly following you, or are they merely doing what you tell them? Do they go the extra mile, or are they just doing their job? In my experience coaching extraordinary entrepreneurs and CEOs, I've discovered that the key to exponentially impactful leadership lies in becoming more magnetic.

Leadership is delivered one conversation at a time and when you’re being more magnetic each conversation counts for more. I recently explored this concept in the last episode of The Impact Multiplier CEO podcast where I shared how magnetism and strategy act as the two levers for positive impact.

Today we’re diving deeper into this topic to help you understand and apply the principles of magnetism in your leadership journey because becoming more magnetic doesn’t happen by accident.

This is about tapping into your unique humanness not just focusing on having a great plan or grinding out the results day after day. When our team are allowed to see who we really are they’re more likely to go that extra mile and feel inspired and uplifted through our presence. 

Let's explore a simple 3 pillar formula so you can tap into your magnetism and amplify the impact of your leadership

Reconnecting to your mission: The power of determination

What do you stand for as a leader? To become more determined and mission-focused as a leader, it's essential to be connected to your deep-seated mission and purpose. What do you stand for beyond the immediate goals and targets? Are you clear about your core beliefs and what you're willing to sacrifice for? Realigning with your mission can draw people towards you, creating a deeper connection based on shared values.

Over to you: What are you truly and deeply committed to as a leader, what’s your personal manifesto and how can you remind yourself of that every single day?

Reconnecting to the present: The impact of joyfulness

Focusing on joy as an intrinsic element can deeply influence your magnetism as a leader. We often focus on external factors to dictate our joy. We’re happy when our business is doing well, when projects are flowing and we can see the external metrics of success. But this can be rollercoaster ride and we can’t guarantee success every day! Instead of allowing external factors to dictate how joyful you feel try changing your focus by tapping into the parts of your life that feel more steady and grounded. What are the internal metrics that help you to know you’re enough exactly as you are? When we can tap into this you’re likely to connect more deeply with yourself and others. By staying present and joyful regardless of external circumstances, you create an environment that fosters genuine connections and impactful conversations and, makes you more magnetic.

Over to you: What would become possible if you were more joyful in your leadership, and how can you generate joy internally instead of waiting for external events to go your way?

Reconnecting with others: The power of affection

As a CEO, it's easy to get caught up in the weight of responsibilities and the pursuit of goals. It’s hard to be in the present moment with the people in front of you when your head is full of the next tasks to be completed. However, taking a moment to slow down, connect and genuinely care about the people in front of you can transform your leadership magnetism. As the saying goes ‘people won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’ When we feel safe and connected as humans we’re more likely to do our best work in the world.  Connecting with others on a personal level, sharing a bit of vulnerability, and celebrating their presence before transitioning into task mode can elevate the impact of your interactions.   

Over to you: How can you show some affection and connect to the people in your world today and demonstrate that you genuinely care?

Magnetism is a choice & a muscle

By fully embracing the elements of determination, joyfulness, and affection you can develop a more magnetic presence as a leader, inspiring the people around you to align with your vision and go above and beyond in their commitment.

We can see magnetism as both a choice and a muscle; you have a choice in the moment to reconnect to your mission and purpose. You have a choice to be powerfully present and offer your connection to the people in front of you. And you can flex the muscles of your magnetism by courageously exploring how these things ask us to show up with a new level of leadership and influence. 

This goes beyond the learned traits of mere productivity and driving results that way and that takes courage. 

I encourage you to reflect on how you can apply these principles in your leadership to up level your personal magnetism and amplify the impact of your conversations with your team.

Embracing determination, joyfulness, and affection in your leadership style can unlock new levels of influence and pave the way for exponential positive impact. How will you turn up the dial on your leadership magnetism?

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