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Creating high-performing organisations

Our leadership work is delivered as partners of GiANT Worldwide - a global leadership consulting firm with around 100 consultants around the world.  The GiANT approach is fresh, different and incredibly effective at building high-performing leaders, teams and organisations.

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    YOUR PEOPLE ACTUALLY CHANGE. We specialise in the process of genuine transformation, rather than settling for information-transfer
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    THE IDEAS GET APPLIED. We use a highly visual and "sticky" leadership toolkit, to cut through information overload and drive adoption of the ideas in real business situations.
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    THE ROOT CAUSES ARE ADDRESSED. We bring a strategic focus on building leadership culture, through a common language and apprenticeship model
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    YOUR ORGANISATION GROWS IN CAPACITY. Our specific expertise in multiplying hard and soft skills from person to person means that transformation goes "viral" and skills are passed across the organisation.


We use a blend of consulting, content, and coaching to achieve the desired transformation in individual leaders, whole teams or entire organisations.  Specific examples include:


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    LEADER INTENSIVES:  Journeys of transformation with an individual leader. We jointly identify what your next level of leadership looks like, and agree and implement a practical plan for how to get there.


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    TEAM INTENSIVES:  A powerful approach to get your team aligned and functioning at a higher level.  Each individual member is coached to understand their leadership strengths and challenges, and the entire team comes together to build an operating model where each member performs at their best.  Real business challenges are then addressed using this new language and model, to embed change quickly into the team.
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    XCELERATE: A year-long journey for individual teams to systematically work at the 5 core elements that create outstanding and high-performing teams.


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    100X CONSULTINGFor larger organisations, we start with a discovery phase to truly understand the current state and develop a shared view of the preferred future for the organisation.  We then strategically work with key leaders and teams to seed change, get teams to 100% health, and multiplying this transformation across the organisation.

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