How you can engage with “impossible” goals next year

Let me outline my master plan for helping already extraordinary leaders with their “moonshots”.

As you may know, I’m on a mission to help the world's leading CEOs and entrepreneurs multiply their impact and legacy way beyond what they believe is possible. This is about taking your success to a level that might seem unimaginable right now, but I assure you, is within reach.

Depending on where you are in your life and business, this might look like:

  • invigorating your team,
  • transforming your business,
  • shaping your industry, or
  • impacting the world at scale.

That’s why, a couple of year ago, I created a community of these extraordinary leaders. And it’s why in the year ahead, we’re levelling up further.

Rivendell: more than a peer group

Rivendell” is more than a CEO network; it's a community of trailblazers committed to personal and professional transformation. We're not talking about incremental changes. We're talking about exponential, legacy-making impact.

And this summer, during some downtime, I realised it is time to shift Rivendell into another gear. And I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s why:

I speak with hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs each year. Almost all are incredibly busy, many are thriving, most admit privately that they’re hiding a deep sense of anxiety, imposter syndrome and a frustration they’re not further ahead.

  • Some are “slaves to the grind” (highly successful but secretly frustrated);
  • Some are “busy but complacent” (moving things forward, under pressure, but operating in many ways within their comfort zone);
  • Others are in transition, a little bored or simply wondering “what’s next?”

All of these leaders have huge potential to make an incredible impact and legacy way beyond their current imagining. But too often they’re limited by the perceived realities of their organisation, investor pressure, and their available time. And I want to help these leaders break through to something extraordinary.

The year ahead: “Creating Impossible Impact”

So the theme for Rivendell this year is "Creating Impossible Impact". You’ll connect with the game-changing idea that seems tantalisingly out of reach. Then, with our support, you'll work to turn that into reality, breaking through the internal barriers and practical challenges that have been holding you back.

The arc of the programme can be seen as three phrases.

Phase 1: Defining your ‘impossible’

You’ll start by getting clear about what you truly long to create in your business and beyond. This involves expanding your sense of the possible, letting go of limiting beliefs and the need to constantly set goals that feel achievable, and connecting with your deeper desires. You’ll move from tentative exploration to firm engagement, despite the uncertainty of success.

Phase 2: Pioneering the impossible (and making it fun)

You’ll then engage in the “impossible project” you’ve set yourself, making bolder asks than you’ve ever made and accessing your creativity and inspiration in powerful new ways. We’ll also help you make sure you’re operating from a place of fun and ease. After all, if playing an “impossible game” isn’t fun, then why do it?

You’ll have the support and insight from Richard and the whole Rivendell community of CEOs and entrepreneurs as you stretch your own leadership capability.

Phase 3: Building on the impossible

You’ll then reflect and review on your progress. You might have achieved the impossible - or you might have aimed for the stars and reached the moon. Either way, you’ll have created opportunities, relationships, skills and momentum that you couldn’t possibly have imagined at the start of this journey. 

We’ll help you consolidate your progress and find a new, even bolder, “impossible game” to play.

Practical considerations

Your time is valuable, and which is why Rivendell is designed to give you maximum return on your time invested. We won't bog you down with unnecessary commitments; instead, we'll provide you with valuable resources, stimulating content, and invaluable discussions that will feed your ambition and drive your success.


  • At our November retreat (in stunning Reykjavik!) you’ll create incredible clarity about an exciting and high-leverage outcome that feels impossible right now but puts a silly grin on your face! You’ll set yourself up for a thrilling adventure as you experiment with what it will take to make this an actual reality.
  • From this, we’ll help you construct a personalised Impact Scorecard to keep you on track and to help us help you in the best possible way. You’ll use this to check in with Richard each week and with the group each month.
  • In our monthly Community Calls you’ll get coaching from Richard, support from your peers and fresh ideas for the month ahead. You can bring anything on your mind to the group – a challenge or celebration regarding your impossible goal, your wider business or anything in your life.
  • Thirdly, we'll release exclusive content for you each month to accompany you on your journey towards ’the impossible’. Short and digestible, thought provoking, and actionable. 
  • If you need deeper support, we’ll hold occasional strategy sessions. If you've fallen off the wagon, here's your chance to get back on. If you’re stuck, we’ll get you back on track. If you’ve become distracted or discouraged, we’ll help you get into the right mental space.
  • Finally you'll have the support of the group an incredible, eclectic mix of world-class leaders who will inspire you, support you and challenge you to the max.

Is Rivendell for you?

Each Rivendell member has a unique journey, but all have a shared destination: transformative success. Rivendell is your chance to be part of a close-knit group of leaders, all playing a high-stakes game. You'll benefit from their diverse experiences, their innovative thinking, and their mutual support.

I’m incredibly excited about our plans for Rivendell over the coming year. If you’re a successful entrepreneur or CEO are are ready to create the “impossible” in your life and business, then let’s find 20 minutes to speak about your goals and how Rivendell can help you blow through them with fun and ease.

PLUS, whenever you're ready, why not hit the accelerator on your journey of exponential impact by working with us, or by picking up a copy of Making TIME For Strategy?

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