February 15

The Hybrid CEO: Rethinking CEO effectiveness in the post-lockdown era

A private roundtable for enterprise CEOs

Over 2 hours discuss current challenges and best practices with your CEO peers to address these key questions.

  • How can CEOs best adapt and maintain & expand their effectiveness both internally and with key customers and partners, in the new hybrid/remote context? Travel & health restrictions come and go unpredictably, employees are often being forced into temporary isolation/quarantine at short notice, and different groups of people have adopted different work practices (fully on-site, fully remote, or hybrid schedules)
  • How do CEOs need to adapt to be more effective leaders in this new era?
  • What strategies have CEOs found to be most effective in leading in a hybrid context?
  • How can we get ahead of the next wave of change?

Participation in this roundtable event is limited to successful, experienced CEOs of substantial businesses, and is by invitation only. If you would like to be considered, or if you would like to nominate a CEO to participate, please apply below.

Thursday 31st March 2022
4-6pm CET (via Zoom)


Thursday 5th May 2022
4-6pm CET (via Zoom)


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