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You're a top exec with an extraordinary track record.
But you know there's a whole new level of impact available.

You’re a CEO, Founder or other elite leader in a complex, tech-driven business, and you’re at a pivotal moment.

You’re in your biggest-ever leadership role; the stakes are high; you’re navigating incredible change and complexity.

To get to your next level, you need to:

  • Extract yourself from low-level tasks, to focus on what truly matters
  • Think and act more strategically, despite complexity and ambiguity
  • Create a more cohesive and higher-performing leadership team
  • Inspire your entire organisation - and perhaps your entire industry

We help elite leaders create exponentially greater impact

Our speciality is helping top entrepreneurs, CEOs and their teams lead more strategically and influentially so that they truly multiply their impact. Our clients include some of the most successful and impressive executives on the planet.

Be a more strategic & influential leader

Multiply your impact as you step up to your next leadership challenge.

World-class 1:1 support from our founder, Richard Medcalf.

Build a world-class leadership team

Take your leadership team from a “group of high-performers” to a cohesive and committed team leading at a whole new level.

Join a game-changing CEO community

Join an elite community of top tech Founders & CEOs.

Stretch your thinking, access true peer support, and build game-changing relationships.

Your impact is my obsession

Welcome! I'm Richard Medcalf, the founder of Xquadrant. I've spent over 25 years working in the C-Suite with some of the best companies and highest-achieving leaders on the planet.

Despite their incredible track record, these extraordinary leaders know they're just getting started. I've made it my personal mission to help them create and seize the breakthrough opportunities that will transform their business and change the world.

'The better you are, the better this book could get you to be'

~ David Allen, author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Be less busy and more successful. Our new book shows you how to make time for the strategic thinking and key projects that will catapult you forward.

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Client Appreciation

Very strong business acumen - we quickly zoom in on the key issues. And there's a real focus on creating real, lasting change.



It's been incredibly valuable. There's an intimacy and self-reflection that I haven't got from any other programme I've been in.



Richard is a true trusted advisor who quickly adds value at a personal and team level. It's another league compared with programmes I've experienced before.



I don't think I'd get anything like the same level of pushback or challenge elsewhere. I'd recommend Richard to anyone who wants to focus on the bigger issues.