The CEO Upgrade

A strategic leadership challenge to fast-track your impact as a rising star CEO

5 days | online | 10-30 minutes per day

If you're a freshly-appointed CEO or in the early years of steering your company, you might find yourself pondering:

  • "How can I quickly establish my credibility and authority within my team and industry?"
  • "What are the key priorities I should be focusing on amidst a sea of possibilities?"
  • "How do I build and lead a team that's high-performing and deeply aligned with our vision?"
  • "How do I balance the immediate demands of my business with the long-term strategic goals?"

These are common questions that many CEOs grapple with in their formative years of leadership.

The CEO Upgrade is a 5-day challenge, delivered by email, to address these exact concerns, providing you with strategies and insights that lead to clarity, confidence, and impactful leadership.

Make quick progress on 5 strategic themes



CEO Roadmap – Building Personal Strategic Clarity

Gain a new perspective on what’s truly important for you in your CEO role and use our proprietary tool to identify what needs the most urgent attention.



CEO Presence – Mastering Every Interaction

Learn a powerful, rapid technique to dramatically increase your CEO presence and your impact in critical stakeholder conversations.



CEO Focus – Maximising Time and Impact

Master the Rapid Refocus tool to ensure you operate strategically, and implement a critical calendar change for immediate effect.



CEO Leadership – Building a Vision-Driven Team

Clarify and solidify your personal vision and legacy, using our WISE framework, to set a strong foundation for aligning your team.



CEO Momentum – Setting and Achieving Ambitious Goals

Establish clear leadership expectations that set the tone for high performance, using our proven “Three Levels” framework.

What to expect

  • 5 bite-sized lessons, released over a week, that only require 20-30 minutes per day.
  • Actionable strategies for immediate application, delivering quick wins and lasting insights.
  • 5 days of access to Xquadrant’s Founder, Richard Medcalf, for personalised feedback that will sharpen your thinking.
  • Proven expertise from our work with hundreds of CEOs running all kinds of businesses.

What other CEOs say about our programmes

Thought provoking and challenging

Richard pushed us beyond the here and now to a more far-reaching future. The workshop was thought provoking and challenging, and I really benefitted from the diverse experiences of the other CEOs.

Andy Morris


Helped me be a better leader

Richard demonstrated the value of being able to think without constraints and how that takes a personal and company vision to a whole new level. An excellent exercise in the value of what I need to BE in order to become the best leader I can.

Hugo Fry


Quickly adds value

Richard is a true trusted advisor who quickly adds value at a personal and team level. It's another league compared with programmes I've experienced before.

Mikael Sandberg

Founder & Chairman

Strategic challenge

I don't think I'd get anything like the same level of pushback or challenge elsewhere. I'd recommend Richard to anyone who wants to focus on the bigger issues.

Robert Bailkoski

Group CEO, Logicalis

Create lasting change

Very strong business acumen - we quickly zoom in on the key issues. And there's a real focus on creating real, lasting change.

Pierre-François Thaler

Co-CEO, Ecovadis

An unbelievable gathering

Thanks to the methodology and Richard's creativity, I've gone deep on myself and my business, and our team has really come together. Recommended for any CEO who wants to become a better leader.

Armand Arton

Founder & CEO

Meet your host

Richard Medcalf

Richard Medcalf describes himself as "what you get if you were to put a McKinsey consultant, a slightly unorthodox pastor and Freddie Mercury into a blender!"

He’s on a mission to help top business leaders become forces for good at scale, and is a trusted advisor to some of the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs on the planet. His clients include CEOs of billion-dollar firms, an Entrepreneur of the Year, an Olympic medallist, and founders of tech 'unicorns'.

He’s the host of The Impact Multiplier CEO Podcast and author of Making Time For Strategy, and has an insatiable love for spicy food and the electric guitar.

Learn more about Richard...

There are 10 places available – do you want one?

We are closing the doors to this 5-day challenge in May 2024. We are limiting admissions to just 10 people to ensure a high-quality, personalised experience.

If you're a CEO and you want to get to the front of the queue, then join the waiting list today and take the first step towards your next level of leadership.