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Runa Macleod

Before starting the programme, I struggled with a lack of control and direction, which left me feeling frustrated and powerless. However, the programme has empowered me to take control of my time and priorities, allowing me to become much more strategic and focused on my goals. I'm no longer just reacting to situations but proactively taking charge of my career. If you're feeling like you lack control and direction in your professional life, this programme can give you the tools and mindset you need to take charge and achieve your goals.

Katie Owen

I'm really enjoying this course! It's helping me step back, and think about what are my high value activities, which I wish I had spent more time on earlier this year. More importantly, the short-form content learning is helping me build out a plan as to how to implement these changes in the next quarter, and is incredibly engaging.

Priyanka Bamford

I’m now able to focus on planning and strategic activities without any interruptions. I’ve reevaluated my calendar meetings and declined many where I am not adding any value or where I feel no value is being added. Absolutely recommended!

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