Taking your Team from Good to Great

How top executives build world-class leadership teams (even when they have pressing business goals)...

  • Why what you've been taught about teams is wrong
  • A new way to understand leadership team effectiveness
  • Why a team-building session is probably the wrong next step
  • Practical next steps to quickly create a major improvement

David Engel

CEO, Drake & Farrell

I've a much clearer picture on my strategy, my goals, and my own inner game. I'd recommend Xquadrant to senior execs who want to make 10X impact.

Armand Arton

Founder & CEO

Thanks to the methodology and Richard's creativity, I've gone deep on myself and my business, and our team has really come together. Recommended for any CEO who wants to become a better leader.

Curt Hopkins


My time with Richard was immensely insightful, helping me deal with high stress situations and observe patterns of my behaviour that need work.

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