How to find the mission that sets you on fire

Have you ever felt like your best days are behind you? Or wondered what’s next in your career? Perhaps you feel stuck or as if your trajectory has plateaued. 

If any of this sounds familiar, then this article’s for you. Today I’ll share with you four powerful ideas to help you find a mission that sets you on fire, fulfils your potential, and gets you out of bed with purpose and passion every morning.

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When we explore the big questions of ‘what’s next?’ it can feel like a daunting prospect but let the words of Sam Altman be a fire under your seat;

“I'm willing to take as much time as needed between projects to find my next thing. But I always want it to be a project that, if successful, will make the rest of my career look like a footnote”

It’s a fascinating question to consider - where are you heading that could make the rest of your career look like a footnote? And how do you get there? 

Read on for 4 powerful  places to begin and the questions you can ask yourself as you consider realigning to your exponential trajectory:

1. Shed old labels and mine your past

It's not uncommon to feel defined by past roles and achievements, but these labels can limit your future potential.

What exciting labels do you want to define you in the future that differ from those of your past identity? And what do you need to do today so that can you begin to generate your possible future identities?

Over to you: What new labels do you want to define your future self and how have the past chapters of your life shaped who you want to become next?

2. Write your ‘impact criteria’ to expand the horizon

It’s essential to align your beliefs & vision with your mission. Writing a list of your impact criteria can help you identify what defines your legacy.

What’s the global or generational impact you want to make? And what’s the checklist for your next role/career move that's going to define this legacy?

And next, what are you fundamentally certain of? What do you know to be true about how you show up in the world and can you move forward from this grounded place as you redefine your aspirations and consider your impact in the world? 

Over to you: Takes some time to consider your ‘impact criteria’ and then what are you certain about? How can this guide your ultimate mission and purpose?

3. Find your ‘silly grin’ idea

We often play it safe when setting goals or thinking about our next steps. However, true passion often lies in unexplored areas.

What are the things that truly excite you and put a silly grin on your face? What are those ideas that seem too big and exciting but feel unattainable? Follow your enjoyment and spark and allow yourself to consider them without limitations. 

Over to you: Can you write your own list of ideas that make you feel embarrassingly excited and seem too big to achieve?

4. Embrace a 25-Year Mission

A long-term vision allows you to dream bigger and bolder than ever before. I challenge you to make this about genuine accomplishment & contribution not only financials. 

What does your 25-year mission look like and feel like? Where are you setting your compass direction and how can you start taking small steps towards that today?

If you begin now, just imagine the scope of what you might achieve over 25 years: the results could be extraordinary!

Over to you: What could you create in the world if you had a 25-year runway to work towards it?

Creating the trajectory of exponential change

Finding a mission that sets you on fire is a life-changing quest. It’s about upgrading your vision of who you are and who you can be and looking at the ultimate legacy of good that you can create in the world.

Remember, if you’re ready to take your impact to the next level, don’t let fear hold you back. The world needs top business leaders who are forces for good. Now is the time to joyfully pursue something that's deeply significant to you. Life isn’t a rehearsal. Engage with these big, important questions and start your journey towards unprecedented impact today.

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