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Your executive team is good - but how can it be exceptional?

Your senior leaders are a huge multiplier on your own impact, and yet even experienced CEOs wonder how they can drive better cohesion, more ownership, and a stronger strategic perspective within their top team.

But what if your executive committee could really become a "dream team" in the next six months?

The Dream Executive Team requires simplicity:

  • Alignment around a DREAM outcome.
  • Strategic clarity, to sharpen focus.
  • Commitment around DREAM behaviours.
  • Reliable follow-through.

Appreciation from previous events

Sharp and insightful - a really good use of time

I find the sessions that Richard runs to be very benenficial in that they allow you to get perspective on your own thinking and approach through discussions with a group of your peers. I enjoyed the exercises and the quick insights from others with great experience. The sessions are sharp and insightful - a really good use of time. 

Michel Robert


I was forced to think beyond my comfort zone

It was a very stimulating session, where I was forced to think beyond my comfort zone and discover new ideas. The format of the engagement was itself a great takeaway. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this.

Abhishek Rungta

Founder & CEO

Ideal format, with proven leaders

It was a great forum with a very representative audience, expertly guided by Richard. It was exciting to exchange thoughts with such a diverse group of proven leaders, and I believe the format of the meeting was ideal.

Alex Shevchenko


Helped me be a better leader

Richard demonstrated the value of being able to think without constraints and how that takes a personal and company vision to a whole new level. An excellent exercise in the value of what I need to BE in order to become the best leader I can.

Hugo Fry


CEOs at the top of their game

The event came at a very busy time so it was quite a commitment for me, but I am glad to have joined. I genuinely enjoyed meeting strangers who were obviously at the top of their game. It felt safe enough to be open about business challenges and to share useful insights.

John Argent

Founder and CEO

Made me feel less alone in my own role

The workshop was a fantastic way to meet other CEOs and hear what they are wrestling with. It definitely made me feel less alone in my own role.

Brad Flowers


Richard really challenged us!

We had a wonderful session with Richard today where he really challenged us to articulate and embrace our best selves and highest purpose to deeply enrich our lives.

Simon Mainwaring

A quick exercise break for your CEO brain

A quick exercise break for your CEO brain. I came away with one specific new angle that I’m actively looking into.

Christopher Traggio


Rich & memorable session

The workshop brought together interesting fellow CEOs in a convivial atmosphere to address a fresh topic. It was a rich and memorable session.

Mark Griffiths

Managing Director

Join other top executives for a powerful 90-minute workshop over Zoom to explore this crucial topic. You'll stretch and clarify your thinking, and you'll develop personalised next steps to get your executive team to step up where it counts.

You'll also walk away with:

  • The 4D roadmap we use to keep everyone on track.
  • Our Team Dynamics Model, so you can figure out and correct the ‘stagnation loop’ that your team has fallen into
  • The CVI framework we use with every team we work with to quickly build strategic clarity
  • Recommended agendas for key team workshops and meetings
  • The “Two labels” technique that creates sustained behaviour change
  • The Dream Team Scorecard and progress tracking workflows

Frameworks, examples and templates galore!

Plus, you’ll get to interact and exchange issues and ideas with fellow participants, and perhaps even get coached, live, by me!

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