June 3


I got this message from a CEO who recently signed up to my newsletter…

It raises a fascinating point:

Even CEOs can lack the inner confidence to really challenge the norms and make a difference.

In fact, I’d say most CEOs are content to play within the system they’ve been given, instead of taking the ‘maverick approach’ and pursuing the impossible goals that really light them up.

That’s why the first thing I work on with clients is their commitment.

What really lights you up?
What’s so important to you that you just have to 100X it?
What stories do you want to tell your great-grandchildren when you review your career?
What are your limiting beliefs that are causing you to ‘play it safe’?

Once we find the wellspring of your true commitment, you’ll be amazed at what happens.

I used to be a relentless pragmatist, and what I came to realise was that I was disconnected from my inner desires and sense of purpose. In the absence of that, just focusing on hitting some numbers felt like a good goal!

But when I stopped trying to ‘conform’ and instead tapped into my deeper convictions (about business leaders being forces for good, about my own role in helping top leaders scale their impact, about why all this matters to me), I’ve never had so much fun and so much impact!

To your leadership and legacy,


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