How to commit to a legacy of exponential impact

Do you want to create a legacy that's 10 or 100 times greater than your current accomplishments, but something's holding you back?

Today, I'm going to talk about how you can take the first step towards committing to a legacy of exponential impact. If you want to build something that’s deeply fulfilling to you and makes a global impact on the world then keep on reading! 

What you don’t need

A lot of people think that before they commit to their dream of creating an exponential legacy they need to focus on getting really clear with strategy and where they’re headed or ,that they need to find a sense of unshakeable confidence to urge them forward. 

I’d like to offer that while these things are a ‘nice to have’ often, we don’t have clarity and confidence until we’ve already achieved our goals. It’s much easier to have clarity in retrospect (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) and we feel confident because of our achievements not always before we’ve begun. 

When a baby learns to walk it doesn’t need clarity and confidence, it needs courage. Courage to take those potentially wobbly first steps, and so do you. 

What you do need

Commitment can give us the clarity we need but it can be daunting to think about whether you have what it takes to reach for your exponential legacy. Many questions can bubble up: What happens if I fail? What if I succeed? Is the cost too great? The fears and doubts can be overwhelming. It's important to recognise that the journey towards an exponential legacy starts with the courage to commit.

I’ve laid out 6 vital steps for you to up level your courage so you can begin your journey to exponential impact today.

Six steps to make it happen

1. Take the pressure off

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when considering the monumental task of creating an exponential impact. By setting a long-term vision, such as a 25-year mission, you can begin to imagine breaking down the journey into smaller, more manageable steps. This approach allows you to relieve the immediate pressure and focus on making small, consistent progress.

Over to you: How do you feel about setting a 25-year mission for your exponential legacy? Does having more time help to alleviate the pressure? What would you do if you had 25 years to achieve your goals?

2. Confront your fear

When fear hinders your ability to commit, it's imperative to confront it head-on. Name your fears, analyze and dissect them, and consider the realistic outcomes. Rather than being paralyzed by fear, acknowledge it, name it, and use it as a catalyst for moving forward.

Over to you: What is the fear that's holding you back from committing to your exponential legacy? How can you diffuse its effects on your mind and body by disarming its power over you?

3. Flip the fear 

If you’ve unlocked a fear that’s holding you back notice how it feels to ‘flip’ that fear. This is about considering the consequences of not committing to your dreams of exponential legacy and purpose. Let me give you an example; maybe your the fear that’s holding you back is about not finding the right clients for your product or offering. We can be flip that fear into one about not moving forward or not allowing yourself to grow and change. From this other side of the fear you might just find the courage to take the leap.

Over to you: What’s the risk of not committing and of not pursuing an exponential legacy? And what lives on the other side of your fear?… maybe it’s just the motivation you need!

4. Speak yourself into being

The language you use to describe yourself and your goals is crucial - words have power!. By speaking affirmatively and descriptively about your deepest aspirations, you shape your mindset and outlook. Embrace a more expansive way of verbalising your purpose and the journey you wish to embark upon. This practice will affirm and reinforce your commitment to your exponential legacy. Remind yourself of who you are and where you want to go by speaking your purpose out loud every day. 

Over to you: How can you shift the way you see and describe yourself to align with your exponential legacy? Practice speaking your commitment and mission out loud to align powerfully to your purpose everyday.

5. Upgrade your environment

Surrounding yourself with individuals committed to pursuing exponential legacies can have a profound impact on your mindset and aspirations. Engaging with like-minded individuals who are aiming high, embracing risk, and striving for global transformation, can elevate your thinking and courage. By upgrading your environment, you can fuel and foster your commitment to your exponential legacy. 

Over to you: What choices can you make to upgrade your environment and align with your commitment to an exponential legacy?

6. Find the tiny step

When confronted with uncertainty, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the larger mission. However, focusing on one tiny step can propel you forward. Identify a small task that will nudge you in the right direction and enjoy the process. Taking that first step, no matter how small, is an essential beginning towards your exponential legacy.

Over to you: What is one small thing you can do today to move closer to committing to your exponential legacy?

Conclusion: Embrace your exponential legacy

Remember, if you want to get on the exponential journey of impact and legacy start by focusing less on clarity & confidence (they’ll come in time) and more on courage.

Taking the first step to bravely commit to your exponential legacy is the starting point in your journey. Then you’ll focus on increasing your courage quota by taking away the immediate pressure, confronting & flipping your fears and upgrading your environment to set the stage for steady but constant progress. Visualize yourself on a path to creating a legacy that stretches beyond your current limitations and feel reinvigorated with your commitment to what sets you alight!

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Remember, courageous commitments lead to exponential legacies!

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