A counterintuitive fast-track to CEO success

As a CEO or entrepreneur, you may often find yourself ensnared in a labyrinth of complexity. Managing various stakeholders, juggling an array of projects, seizing opportunities, resolving issues - it feels like being drawn and quartered. However, I propose that the real game-changers often reside in the shadows of the unexplored, the elements that don’t make it to your mental agenda.

So, how does one uncover these elusive breakthrough ideas? The solution is delightfully simple, albeit not necessarily effortless.

The key is to break away from the confines of your daily grind. This notion is not new. One of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, Bill Gates, regularly undertook week-long retreats in his log cabin, a practice he termed "Think Week.” His retreats facilitated deep thinking and strategic insights that were instrumental in guiding Microsoft's trajectory.

Consider the potential transformative power of retreating for a day or two. Stepping back to gaze at the broader picture, allowing your mind to wander into untrodden territories of thought, and really exercising your creative muscle - the possibilities are boundless. And the results are often extraordinary.

Having just returned from leading a rejuvenating two-day retreat with our Rivendell CEO group, I can personally attest to the value of this practice. We do a mix of unstructured and structured reflection, strategic and tactical, personal and business, solo, in pairs and in groups. And it's during such gatherings that these top leaders:

  • generate innovative ideas
  • unearth blind spots
  • penetrate surface-level issues, and
  • pinpoint the genuine drivers of future success.

To put it in perspective, consider the shifts such retreats trigger in your thinking and decision-making processes. Investing just a couple of days could potentially fast-forward your progress by months, if not more.

Now, if the prospect of joining Rivendell and experiencing our CEO retreats piques your interest, don't hesitate to reach out. But no matter your situation, the fundamental question remains - how can you carve out some time from your schedule to escape the grind, regardless of your circumstances?

The ball is in your court. Have you ever hit the pause button on your busy life and stumbled upon a game-changing insight as a result? I invite you to join the conversation. Because we are not just CEOs or entrepreneurs. We are explorers on the quest to create breakthrough opportunities that change the world.

PLUS, whenever you're ready, why not hit the accelerator on your journey of exponential impact by working with us, or by picking up a copy of Making TIME For Strategy?

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