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Catapulting Relevance

You have an offering that can truly change the way your customers do business, but you know you’re not getting the executive attention and the large, transformative deals that your solution truly deserves?

  • sales conversations are stuck too far down the customer organisation, reducing the potential for impact and lowering the deal size!
  • the customer is excited in the initial discussion, but then momentum falters and progress is sluggish
  • executive governance is lacking, so you’re not seeing the full level of adoption or business transformation you know your customers can achieve

Business is OK, but you know that there is a bigger game to be played - perhaps a 10X improvement in deal size and customer transformation.

Relax.  You’ve come to the right place.

Take 45 minutes to create your breakthrough strategy

At xquadrant we help B2B tech firms become massively relevant to the top decision makers in their ecosystem and in their market so they can rise to the top of the priority list, charge the full business value of their offering, avoid the rathole of commoditised procurement processes and ultimately have the biggest impact possible in their customer’s business.

xquadrant Founder Richard Medcalf would love to invite you to a complimentary and confidential 45-minute C-Suite Breakthrough Consultation. We'll bring a fresh external perspective, best practices from clients around the world and a commitment to push your thinking . You'll bring an openness to speak the truth, think differently and take new steps to get new results.

Richard has unique and world-class expertise here. He spent 10 years at Cisco engaging executives at customers as varied as Deutsche Telecom, The Home Depot, Sky, Nestlé and the UK Government.  He helped them understand the full business value of new technology solutions and  - as part of a team created by Cisco’s CEO - catalyse the implementation of the resulting 'big initiatives’.  Ask him about how we able to turn around a $250M deal that procurement had awarded to a competitor…

In just 45 minutes we'll get you to a new level of clarity around the most important ‘leverage point' to accelerate your business's relevance and impact in your customers' C-Suite. 

  • Clarify the specific goals around engaging your customers' C-Suite in transformative business discussions
  • Determine the key issues that are preventing your organisation from capturing this opportunity
  • Walk away with a clear plan and immediate steps to successfully increase C-level relevance

There's absolutely no obligation to purchase anything and no strings attached.  But if you'd like us to help you implement anything we discuss then of course we'd be happy to serve.

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