Join the book launch team for Making Time For Strategy

I need your help.

Those are words I find incredibly difficult. Perhaps you can relate. It’s much easier to give, to help, and to serve other than to actually acknowledge you can’t achieve everything you want on your own.

But asking is powerful. I often teach my clients - who are generally very self-sufficient and independent - to make big, bold asks in service of their mission in the world. When we ask, we give other people a chance to become heroes in our story, and we create relationships and opportunities we couldn’t have imagined.


Today, I have a project that I’d like to humbly ask you to help me with.

As you know, I’m on a mission to help extraordinary leaders multiply their impact and make a huge positive difference on their purpose, their people and their profit.

But most business leaders are overloaded with operational responsibilities and struggle to free themselves up for the strategic activity that will truly move the needle.

This is why I’ve poured my heart and soul into a book to help busy leaders do just that. It will be released at the end of this year, but I need your help to get the word out.

Making Time For Strategy

So I’m inviting YOU to apply to be on my Book Launch Team for Making Time For Strategy: How to be less busy and more successful.

Together we can shift our business culture away from busywork and on to thoughtful, impactful activity that truly makes a difference.

The launch

A lot of work goes into successfully launching a book, and frankly, I can't do it alone. I have too many ideas, and I need your help implementing them.

This book launch team is going to be special. You’re going to get an insider’s look at the content itself, as well as a behind-the-scenes understanding of the journey to bring something like this to market, and perhaps make some new high-level relationships along the way. Plus, it's going to be a lot of fun.

What you get

When you join the book launch team, you'll get the inside track and be part of a unique experience:

  • Get the book early - for free! You will be part of a carefully selected group of people who will receive an electronic copy of the book ahead of launch.
  • Private, exclusive training. You'll receive exclusive content to put the book's ideas into practice, as well as a private online workshop where you'll have the opportunity to be coached by me directly.
  • Accelerate your own journey. Learn from the ups and downs of my own experience. You'll get exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the book launch process, from concept to final results.
  • Some extra surprises. By joining this group you are supporting me in a key moment, and I’m deeply grateful. So there are a couple of extra surprises in store!

What I'm asking from you

I’m not asking for much of your time, but I do ask that you commit to helping us in the following three ways.

  • Read & review. Read the book ahead of launch. Write an honest review, and submit it on Amazon during launch week (I'll confirm exactly when - either November 2022 or January 2023). It can be brief!
  • Consider buying a copy or more of the book on Amazon when it launches, for yourself or for a friend. This also helps your review - Amazon much prefers reviews from “verified purchases”!
  • Spread the word. If you enjoy the book, help spread the word to your network. We’ll provide resources to make this super-simple.

If you’re ready to help, simply click the button below, fill out the form, and let me know that I have your commitment.

If you can’t commit to the above, no hard feelings. Feel free to pass.

Apply now

Because of how personally invested I am in this project, we need to keep the group to a manageable size, so we’ve put a (very) short application form in place.

If you’re willing and able, please take 30 seconds right now to apply.

PLUS, whenever you're ready, why not hit the accelerator on your journey of exponential impact by working with us, or by picking up a copy of Making TIME For Strategy?

10X your financials, 10X your positive impact, 10X your inner peace.

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