Client appreciation

Personal & business breakthroughs

I was looking for a coach who could provide strategic guidance to help me take the business to the next level as well as a coach who could help me grow as a leader and person. It was clear Richard could do both excellently. Given Richard's background the progress we've made on the business does not surprise me. What I didn't expect, and am very happy about, are the personal breakthroughs I've made. I'd recommend Richard to a CEO/entrepreneur who is willing to go deep, not afraid of change, and likes to be challenged in their thinking.

Steve Rowbotham


Produces exponential impact

I've a much clearer picture on my strategy, my goals, and my own inner game. I'd recommend Xquadrant to senior execs who want to make 10X impact.

David Engel

CEO, Drake & Farrell

A life-changing opportunity

Initially I wondered how I could contribute to such an advanced group. However, it's been a transformative experience that far exceeded my expectations... an extraordinary opportunity to engage with CEOs at the pinnacle of their respective fields and committed to making a positive global impact. The beautiful retreat location was the perfect backdrop for reflection and breakthrough thinking. Rivendell has been pivotal in reshaping my leadership and has profoundly influenced my thoughts on amplifying my impact. I'd recommend it to any CEO who is eager to explore new ways of leading. It’s a life-changing opportunity to connect, grow, and reset the bar.

Abe Klassen

President & CEO

Thought provoking and challenging

Richard pushed us beyond the here and now to a more far-reaching future. The workshop was thought provoking and challenging, and I really benefitted from the diverse experiences of the other CEOs.

Andy Morris


Richard really challenged us!

We had a wonderful session with Richard today where he really challenged us to articulate and embrace our best selves and highest purpose to deeply enrich our lives.

Simon Mainwaring

An unbelievable gathering

Thanks to the methodology and Richard's creativity, I've gone deep on myself and my business, and our team has really come together. Recommended for any CEO who wants to become a better leader.

Armand Arton

Founder & CEO

Helpful & insightful

My time with Richard was immensely insightful, helping me deal with high stress situations and observe patterns of my behaviour that need work.

Curt Hopkins


Quickly adds value

Richard is a true trusted advisor who quickly adds value at a personal and team level. It's another league compared with programmes I've experienced before.

Mikael Sandberg

Founder & Chairman

Strategic challenge

I don't think I'd get anything like the same level of pushback or challenge elsewhere. I'd recommend Richard to anyone who wants to focus on the bigger issues.

Robert Bailkoski

Group CEO, Logicalis

Create lasting change

Very strong business acumen - we quickly zoom in on the key issues. And there's a real focus on creating real, lasting change.

Pierre-François Thaler

Co-CEO, Ecovadis

High impact for the team

The impact of the programme was very high for me and the team. I liked how you picked up on the REAL issues we had to solve, and that you gave us space to find our thoughts whilst steering us to suggest themes. Can’t really fault anything!

Trevor L


Sharp and insightful - a really good use of time

I find the sessions that Richard runs to be very benenficial in that they allow you to get perspective on your own thinking and approach through discussions with a group of your peers. I enjoyed the exercises and the quick insights from others with great experience. The sessions are sharp and insightful - a really good use of time. 

Michel Robert


Absolutely transformational!

The programme has been transformational. Beforehand, I was seen as an "operational trouble-shooter" who was great at solving day-to-day problems. Now I'm much more focused on bigger topics, I've delegated the lower-level work to my team, and I have more time to think strategically. I'd highly recommend the programme for any leader looking to become more impactful.

Berry Selhorst

Head of Operations

Absolutely recommended!

I’m now able to focus on planning and strategic activities without any interruptions. I’ve reevaluated my calendar meetings and declined many where I am not adding any value or where I feel no value is being added. Absolutely recommended!

Priyanka Bamford

I really enjoyed the step-by-step process to discover my own leadership behaviors

I really enjoyed the step-by-step process to discover my own leadership behaviors & identify what was holding me back from my next level. As a result, I've moved out of my comfort zone, I inspire my team more and challenge them more directly. Highly recommended!

Iman Prakosa

Director of Finance & Business Support

I've become a strategic contributor

It's been amazing! It has not only helped me become more organized and efficient in my tasks but also enabled me to communicate more effectively with senior colleagues. I've transformed from a task-oriented individual to a strategic contributor and trusted advisor. Additionally, the programme has equipped me with a more positive mindset to turn negative thoughts into opportunities.

Eric Irani

FP&A Director

I'm now focusing much more on strategic subjects

With Richard's help I'm now focusing much more on strategic subjects. I'm much better at saying 'no', having reduced my people-pleasing tendencies, and I'm crystal clear on how I can contribute at the highest possible level.

Birgitta van Santen


Incredible calibre of people

Rivendell is a really fulfilling experience. I've done quite a few different professional development events, but the thing that really stood out to me here is the intermingling of personal and professional development. I have a notebook full of new ideas! The calibre of the other participants has been humbling and it feels like a privilege to really be among such an esteemed group of people and peers.

Kelly Manthey

CEO, Kin+Carta plc

Our ExCo is in a much better place

The sessions were really challenging and certainly took me out of my comfort zone! Before the programme we lacked clarity in key areas, and as an ExCo we are now in a much better place to execute our vision and plan.

Ivan S


A fantastic experience... incredibly valuable

It's been incredibly valuable. There's an intimacy and self-reflection that I haven't got from any other programme I've been in.

Scott Puopolo

CEO, Telestream

I'm thinking bigger & bolder

These sessions have helped me think bigger and bolder in how I approach my role and interact with others.

Justin Kearney


Helped me make the most of the first critical months

I worked with Richard over the first 5 months in my Chief Commercial Officer Role in a Fintech scale-up. The time together really helped me to maximise my impact and make the most of those first critical months. 

Together, we worked through the different challenges of exec-level onboarding and I came away each time with specific actions and practical approaches to tackle them. We also worked on the deeper issues - for example, learning not to be 'afraid to ask' - and I now have a new perspective on myself and others. There's no doubt in my mind that I have already achieved significantly more through my engagement with Richard and certainly I'd recommend him to others looking to take the next step in accelerating their career.

Craig Butterworth

Chief Commercial Officer, Fintech Scale-up

Greater visibility and impact across the organisation

When I started working with Richard I was 12 months into a new role, and yet still having to deliver on many aspects of my old role, which was extremely stressful. It was hugely important at the start to clarify with Richard what was at stake and agree clear objectives about improvements. Leadership can be a very lonely place. Having someone with experience and the ability to advise and support me as I've changed my approach has been really, really positive for me.

Since my work with Xquadrant, there's now a better engagement both at senior peer level and within my team. This is leading to greater visibility and impact across the organisation. Moreover I've removed a lot of the stress factors that were affecting me at the start. I'd recommend Xquadrant to any leader who's reached a senior level and thinks that they're not being as effective as perhaps they could be. 

Stuart Radcliffe


An impactful way of influencing senior stakeholders

I started working with Xquadrant to develop my ability to manage pressured situations and hold the room in a more effective way. I was wondering if I'd be subjected to hours of PowerPoint, but the sessions were very interactive and specific to my working environment, so it was very easy to relate to. We would review what had happened in recent weeks and how I could make a bigger impact in the next material event.

As a result, I've developed a more impactful way of influencing senior stakeholders and engaging in debate on key issues. I would recommend Xquadrant for management professionals who lead a group of senior people or who are executive leaders.

Mark Grant


Effective CEO and board relationships

When I approached Xquadrant I had just hired a CEO and was looking to make sure that his relationships with the board and with me were as productive as possible. Richard introduced me to ideas and frameworks that were very helpful and enabled me to grow and improve as a business owner and leader. I would definitely recommend Xquadrant to leaders who want to improve their effectiveness and obtain honest feedback.


Owner, Industrial Group

I'm thinking bigger & bolder

The biggest benefit of the coaching programme is that the sessions have helped me think bigger and bolder in how I approach my role and interact with others. There have been many more tactical learnings, which I can use day to day, in terms of being a more effective leader, but this would be the biggest overall benefit.

Justin Kearney