July 6


Announcing Insight & Challenge 2022

As a senior leader, there are two things you probably don’t get enough of.

  • Insight. Who really stretches our thinking or helps us see a fresh perspective? We’re often surrounded by the same individuals, often from the same company (ours!), who therefore share many similar experiences.
  • Challenge. Who dares push back against the senior leader? Who brings uncomfortable feedback? Who pushes us when we’re thinking too small?

So today, I’m revealing details of an extraordinary event.

You’ll join some of the world’s most impressive CEOs and other C-Suite leaders to be challenged, stretched and taken out of your comfort zone.

The goal?

  • Breakthrough insights
  • Material shifts in how you operate as a leader
  • Bold new steps in your business.

I guarantee you’ll not have experienced anything like this before…

P.S. The first 5 people to sign up get a bonus session with me!

P.S. Our Impact Accelerator programme is filling up. If you're ready to create a breakthrough in your leadership impact, grow your influence and get out of the weeds to be more strategic, this is for you. It's a group coaching experience over 5 months that will transform your ability to lead strategically and influentially. We had rave reviews when we ran it last year. Don't miss out - apply now.

PLUS, whenever you're ready, here are 4 ways we can help you multiply your impact on your people, your purpose and your profits:

  • Work with me 1:1 and your whole future will shift. I work with just a handful of 1:1 clients at any one time, so you need to be committed creating a new level of impact. It's a five-figure investment and you'll need to ready to be challenged and stretched in all kinds of ways. The results will be remarkable.  Let's start with a 15 minute chat.
  • Create a cohesive and high-performing leadership team. Our team coaching approach focuses in on the critical few shifts that will make the biggest difference to your team's performance.  We start with a quick discovery process and take it from there.
  • Surround yourself with elite CEOs. Rivendell, our CEO mastermind group, is an extraordinary group of leaders who will help you raise you own leadership game. Our first cohort was sold out. Our next intake is in about a quarter, so now is a perfect time to apply.
  • Shift your organisation's thinking.  Invite me to speak at your leadership team meeting, annual kick-off, or conference. We'll make it engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking...and yet grounded and practical.

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