A roadmap to create Strategic Time

In this mini-series we’ve examined why Strategic Time is the #1 metric that governs exponential success. It’s how we step back from the day-to-day to envision - and move forward on - our breakthrough projects.

Last time, we looked at the four key challenges you’ll have to overcome if you want to free up time for strategy:

  • T - Tactics - because you’ll need to upgrade some workflows
  • I - Influence - often overlooked, you’ll need to convince your key stakeholders to expect different things from you
  • M - Mindset - because your biggest barrier is likely to be what you think is necessary, possible or desirable
  • E - Environment - since every leader needs to work not just on themselves, but to improve the focus of their entire team

So, rather than hoping that “it’ll get quieter next quarter” we need to start doing something different, and work on all 4 elements of the TIME model .

And that’s exactly what the book will help you do.

It all starts with this…

Whilst the TIME model is a comprehensive approach to free yourself up, the new book also covers the ‘missing element’ I hinted at before.

Simply put -

You need to get crystal clear on what strategic activity will really ‘move the needle’ for you. Until you know that, it’s really hard to motivate yourself to change.

I cover that in the first section of the book, The Power Of Strategic Time.

But for now, let me get you thinking:

If you had a whole day free from distraction, what issue would you want to reflect on, what capability would you want to build, what relationship would you want to develop - that will best contribute to a breakthrough outcome for you over the next 2-5 years?

PLUS, whenever you're ready, why not hit the accelerator on your journey of exponential impact by working with us, or by picking up a copy of Making TIME For Strategy?

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