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If you're a leader in the tech sector or other fast-changing markets, you know opportunities are huge and time is short. You need to be on your A-game.

Get a fresh perspective.  Join me for a 45-minute Breakthrough Consultation. We’ll clarify your priorities, diagnose what's holding you back, and identify how to get you and your people to the next level.

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Create breakthrough results

When your people grow, everything changes

1:1 Executive Coaching


Gain a real edge, breakthrough to a new level of leadership and influence, and accomplish the “impossible"

Team Development


Turn them from a “group of high-performers” to a high-performing team that will lead your business to the next level of business growth

Scalable High-Performance Culture


Create a world-class leadership culture in your entire organisation to get everyone aligned + contributing at their highest level

Hello. I’m Richard Medcalf, founder of Xquadrant

If you're ready to 100X your impact, we should talk

I’m an executive coach & leadership consultant to exceptional founders and senior leaders in the tech/digital sector.

If you’re an elite performer who's already achieved extraordinary things, and want to go even further, you’re in the right place.

  • You’re ready to 10x or 100x your impact and influence and achieve something that seems “impossible”?
  • You know that 'what got me here won’t get me there’ - and are ready to play a bigger game?
  • You're aware that you're the bottleneck to your very own success?

You’re in the right place.

Let’s create massive change in your inner and outer worlds so you break through to a new level of success and legacy.

Our unique approach blends real business experience in strategy, leadership and digital transformation with powerful coaching tools derived from the latest findings from psychology, neuroscience, habit change, leadership, and peak performance.

In short, if you are looking to achieve something exceptional in your business or life, we should have a conversation.

At-a-glance biography

  • Top of my year at Oxford University
  • Youngest-ever Partner at tech-sector strategy consultancy Analysys Mason
  • 11 years of senior roles at Cisco
  • Hand-picked for an elite team set up by Cisco’s CEO to lead new board-level business initiatives
  • 20+ years advising C-level execs
  • Clients from Fortune 100 companies (Comcast, Mastercard, Sanofi, Sky, Orange,…) to high-growth tech firms (in AI, networking, robotics, fintech, …)
  • Advised on >$2B of deals
  • Bilingual and binational English/French

See what people are saying

We cut through complexity and get results

Richard is one of the brightest consultants I have ever worked with.

He is exceptionally sharp with exceptional capabilities to solve complex business problems in a structured and a sophisticated manner.

Sonia K

General Manager

Richard has the great ability to see through the noise and distortion around a problem and pick out the signal that's hiding underneath.

Whether in strategic planning or in 1:1 mentoring, Richard zeros in very quickly on the heart of an issue and points out what levers can be moved to change things.

James A 

Cloud CTO

Richard's a high-energy executive and out-of-the-box thinker, who connects strategy with execution. He's trustworthy, dependable, collaborative, and motivating.

He always offers creative solutions to complex issues, pushes teams to maximise their performance, and is highly disciplined and pragmatic.

Neeraj K

Senior Exec

Discover Your Team Kryptonite

In just 60 seconds, identify the #1 thing holding back your team's performance, and find out what to do about it