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I'm Richard Medcalf, founder of xquadrant.

I help business leaders create outstanding results and amazing organisations, by addressing the two biggest revolutions of the digital era.



Leadership & performance in a digital culture


Information overload, the rise of short-term, cross-functional and virtual teams, increased use of partners and contractors, "digital native" employees, and continuous rapid change are fundamentally changing the nature of leadership and influence.

I deliver all our leadership consulting work as an associate of global leadership consultancy GiANT Worldwide.

At GiANT, we have "cracked the people problem" with a proven system. Using visual, viral tools and a process for genuine personal transformation, we systematically create a high-performance culture that transforms your people and teams into real assets.

New business models & value propositions


With at least 40% of value creation in the last 10 years accruing to business model innovation, and with Internet giants moving into virtual every sector, business leaders need to get serious about business models.

Every company needs to radically rethink their business model, go-to-market ecosystem and value proposition to both channel partners and end users.

My associates and I have been working actively in this field for over 20 years, working at the heart of the tech sector and with some of the world's leading companies on developing and bringing to market new "digital" growth initiatives.

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Grow my personal impact

Transformed organisations start with transformed leaders. Break through the tendencies that undermine your influence and impact, and become a leader truly worth following.

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Scale or transform my business

You're either in growth mode - you need to remove the organisational roadblocks slowing you down.

Or you're in transformation mode - you need to change, but you need to get your people fully on board.

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Reinvent my business

You realise that real growth will not come from doing the more of the same. You need to develop a business model and value proposition that works for you, your customers and your partners.

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This stuff actually works...

Richard is one of the brightest consultants I have ever worked with.

He is exceptionally sharp with exceptional capabilities to solve complex business problems in a structured and a sophisticated manner.

Sonia K
General Manager

Richard has the great ability to see through the noise and distortion around a problem and pick out the signal that's hiding underneath.

Whether in strategic planning or in 1:1 mentoring, Richard zeros in very quickly on the heart of an issue and points out what levers can be moved to change things.

James A
Cloud CTO

Richard's a high-energy executive and out-of-the-box thinker, who connects strategy with execution. He's trustworthy, dependable, collaborative, and a great motivator.

He always offers creative solutions to complex issues, pushes teams to maximise their performance, and is highly disciplined and pragmatic.

Neeraj K 
Senior Executive

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