10X your business.

Change the world.

10X your business.
Change the world.

10X your business.
Change the world.

Entrepreneurs and CEOs, you’re successful but you’re not done.

You’re hungry to scale your business into the world-changing entity you know it can be – without the grind, anxiety and frustration.

And you’re ready to make some big changes – starting with yourself – to make that happen.

Entrepreneurs and CEOs, you’re successful but you’re not done.

Your impact is our obsession

At Xquadrant, we’re experts in one thing: helping extraordinary leaders get out the weeds, and build the world-changing business they were born to create, with 5-10X the valuation within 3 years.

All of our programmes deliver on this one goal with varying levels of intensity and support. And each level encompasses previous levels, so you can easily move between offerings.

Xquadrant Entrepreneur and CEO Coaching Offerings
  • Valinor comprises Richard's private 1:1 clients, typically building $100M-$1B businesses.
  • Rivendell is a transformative mastermind with deep coaching from Richard alongside inspiring peers who are leaders in their respective fields (running $20-200M+ businesses).
  • Impact Multipliers is an incubator for exponential strategic thinking and leadership magnetism to catapult your business results.
  • Impact Multiplier Labs are focused online workshops, for mavericks of any level.

Valinor clients invest 20-80K€ per quarter to be coached and advised by Richard, whereas at the lower levels you can get started for just a few hundred euros.

Our clients achieve breakthrough results

We work with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs on the planet. And, together, we make extraordinary things happen.

  • B onboarded as CEO of a $2B business and drove a transformation that 5Xed valuation
  • A accelerated his plan to build a $1B business from 10 years to 3 years
  • D founded a business, took revenues to $50M+ and went to IPO within 4 years
  • K successfully exited his business 4 years earlier than he thought possible
  • A extracted himself from operations and freed up 20+ hours per week to refocus on strategy
  • S clarified his life's work, stepped away from the successful business he'd founded, and started a new business to deliver on his ultimate mission

Meet Richard Medcalf

Hello! I’m the founder of Xquadrant. I was a successful exec at a Fortune 100 business. But secretly I craved way more impact. What if I reached way beyond what I’d already achieved, risking my current success to pursue a deeper purpose?

I got clear on my mission. I committed to the messy journey of exponential impact. I put millions of euros on the line. I learned to inspire the world’s top leaders. I reinvented myself. I remembered to have fun along the way. And I’ve never looked back.

Are you ready to do the same?

Upcoming live events with Richard

25 Cubed

Clarify your 25-year vision and get 25% of the way there in 2025. In November 2024, join our Rivendell community of wildly successful visionary CEOs for 48 hours that will permanently change your future. Limited spaces – prices increase at the end of May. Learn more.

The Team Performance Upgrade

Dial up the strategic focus and operational excellence in your leadership team meetings (without getting bogged down in admin). An online masterclass (Wednesday 29th May) for exponentially-minded leaders. Learn more.

Client appreciation

David Engel

CEO, Drake & Farrell

I've a much clearer picture on my strategy, my goals, and my own inner game. I'd recommend Xquadrant to senior execs who want to make 10X impact.

Armand Arton

Founder & CEO

Thanks to the methodology and Richard's creativity, I've gone deep on myself and my business, and our team has really come together. Recommended for any CEO who wants to become a better leader.

Curt Hopkins


My time with Richard was immensely insightful, helping me deal with high stress situations and observe patterns of my behaviour that need work.

Mikael Sandberg

Founder & Chairman

Richard is a true trusted advisor who quickly adds value at a personal and team level. It's another league compared with programmes I've experienced before.

Robert Bailkoski

Group CEO, Logicalis

I don't think I'd get anything like the same level of pushback or challenge elsewhere. I'd recommend Richard to anyone who wants to focus on the bigger issues.

Pierre-François Thaler

Co-CEO, Ecovadis

Very strong business acumen - we quickly zoom in on the key issues. And there's a real focus on creating real, lasting change.

Kelly Manthey


It's been a really fulfilling experience. The intermingling of strategic thinking, professional development and personal growth is extremely powerful.

Scott Puopolo

CEO, Telestream

It's been incredibly valuable. There's an intimacy and self-reflection that I haven't got from any other programme I've been in.

Featured Clients

10X your financials, 10X your positive impact, 10X your inner peace.

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