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Unlock the potential within your business

In a fast-changing, tech-driven market what got your team here won’t get you to the next level.

Get a fresh perspective. Join me for a 45-minute Breakthrough Consultation. We’ll clarify a compelling future vision for your organisation, diagnose what's slowing your growth or transformation, and identify how to get your people to the next level.

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Let's release the full power of your organisation

What do you want to transform ?


You’ve built a successful business - but the time has come to take things to a whole new level of significance and impact.

Or you’ve just taken on a major new role and the pressure’s on to deliver big things.

Let’s talk about how you can gain a real edge and help you accomplish the "impossible".


Most leadership teams are “groups of high-performers” and not high-performing teams.

And yet no organisation can be healthier than its #1 team.

Let’s skyrocket the cohesion and performance of your leadership team so it can deliver needle-moving strategic initiatives and lead at a whole new level.


You’re at a pivotal point in your business. Fast growth or market change has created internal issues that threaten your continued success.

Things like: silos, mindset issues, conflict, mistrust, poor engagement, people mired in daily operations and not focused on strategic activities.

Let's upgrade your management culture before the market moves on and your business fades into irrelevance.

Forget the usual team-building/coaching side-show. It never really worked for us either.

We help leaders in technology-driven businesses turn good people into incredible teams...

...with the collaboration, ownership and drive to successfully capture the next phase of growth

Our unique and systematic approach is 'designed for digital' and creates genuine and lasting change.
Watch the video to learn more.

See what people are saying

We cut through complexity and get results

Richard is one of the brightest consultants I have ever worked with.

He is exceptionally sharp with exceptional capabilities to solve complex business problems in a structured and a sophisticated manner.

Sonia K

General Manager

Richard has the great ability to see through the noise and distortion around a problem and pick out the signal that's hiding underneath.

Whether in strategic planning or in 1:1 mentoring, Richard zeros in very quickly on the heart of an issue and points out what levers can be moved to change things.

James A 

Cloud CTO

Richard's a high-energy executive and out-of-the-box thinker, who connects strategy with execution. He's trustworthy, dependable, collaborative, and motivating.

He always offers creative solutions to complex issues, pushes teams to maximise their performance, and is highly disciplined and pragmatic.

Neeraj K

Senior Exec

Discover Your Team Kryptonite

In just 60 seconds, identify the #1 thing holding back your team's performance, and find out what to do about it